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Looking for a simple fascia/soffit/gutter (feasible) setup (Tips/Pointers?)


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Hi all, 

Like many house holders try to keep the home ship shape, but one area I'm not good with is heights, ladders and me!! The fascia/soffit/gutter around the house are beginning to show their wear&tear through the lack of maintenance. Have read various threads on this website and would appreciate if the following idea is feasible for my goals....

I'm not really looking to go the whole 9 yards and clean with pure water, more so, I'd like to build by own 6m extendable pole with a suitable head, from which I could use a barrel (reservoir) of tap water (our area feed is quite soft) which I can either use with plan water or dilute with a suitable cleaning liquid to help work the grim off the fascia/soffit/gutter. So looking to submerge a suitable pump into the barrel and feed through a normal garden hose around the house to the extended pole. Access to water-feed-pole supplies isnt great here in Ireland, but I should be able to get a standard 6m extendable pole that I could convert into a water feed pole. What I'm not too sure on is what accessories I'd need and from where to purchase, likewise on the pump idea?

Thanks in advance for any advice


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I believe Sureclean Systems are the only suppliers of this equipment in Ireland. Get a brush and pole and get it adapted so you can connect to an outside tap. The money you save on the first clean should pay for the equipment, but beware as @JBC said, it ain't as easy as it looks.

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Like the others have said cleaning gutters, facia and soffits is hard work even when you are used to it. Would 6m pole be long enough as you really don't want to be using it directly above your head as all the chemicals will be dripping on you!

I would say get a gardiners CLX pole maybe a 22ft and connect to your hose pipe. Remember that any tap water that splashes on your windows might dry leaving water marks. So you really need to clean windows with pure water after your gutters!

One thing I would say is think about how frequently you will clean it and the cost of the pole vs having someone do it for you.

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