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Introducing The Cleaning Network - Formally Build My Round - What's New?

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Hi everyone!

With such popularity for Build My Round, we have been working out how we can build and expand our services which is why we have now brought Build My Round to an end.

Build My Round was designed to pool together marketing and occasionally find work in your area, with no specific focus on individual areas.

The Cleaning Network offers a new opportunity to set out a marketing plan and budget for every company we work with. Meaning you get more work more regularly with additional services to make admin time time thing of the past.

So what's new?

We are still an online canvassing company. We still run ads, contact leads, give quotes based on your pricing structure and get customers booked in for your services. But what we offer alongside this is much more comprehensive than before.

Dedicated Marketing Budget

We set a daily budget to use specifically in your area. Meaning it's more likely we will find potential customers within your work area.

We have honed our marketing to help find regular, reliable customers who are out there looking for a window cleaner. The great thing about digital marketing, they're asking us for a quote, meaning they're already interested in a regular window cleaning service. Unlike lead gen, you don't have to pay for customers who don't answer the phone, are wasting your time or are not really interested in a regular service the first place.

New Digital Tools

We have made it even easier for potential customers to book your services. With instant quote forms and simple booking, a potential new customer can be booked in in a matter of minutes. The quicker a process is, the higher chance of getting new work.

We Use Local Telephone Numbers

If the potential customer hasn't already filled in the booking form then we will contact them via telephone. We use VOIP, meaning we can simulate a local number, helping reinforce the fact you are a local business. We use our own branding as The Cleaning Network, but it helps when a local number shows up.

Even if you operate in several towns, we setup numbers in appropriate places as we can see where the potential customer comes from.

Easier To Accept or Reject A Customer

The second someone books your services, you'll get an automatic email with the job's basic details. You'll be given all the information you need to decide if you would like to accept or reject the job. You'll be told the town, post code, information about the house, how to access the back, where you can park, how they want to pay (based on the methods you offer), their quote, frequency and how much the job will cost you.

Within the email you'll be able to accept or reject the job. If you accept, you'll be automatically issued an invoice, charged via GoCardless and receive the new customers details in your inbox almost instantly. It couldn't be easier.

CSV in your planning software format

We now create a CSV of your new customer's details in the format of your planning software. This will help you cut down admin time by uploading directly to your CRM.

Personalised and Branded Emails

When you accept a customer, they will get an automatic email welcoming them to your service. We will create a personalised email with you, meaning you can give your new customer vital information before you have even spoken to them to book in their clean.

We provide them contact details for you, details of their quote and any other information / services you want to let them know about. We can even share GoCardless signup buttons if you accept GC as payment.

Monthly Reports - Coming Soon

It's always good to keep track of how your marketing budget is working for you. We will soon be sending you an update every month letting you know how much you have spent, how many jobs we have added and how much we have added to your Round per month and per year. We only ever charge you when we get you a job, but it is always nice to keep track of how well our service is working for you.


Get more information at www.thecleaningnetworkenterprise.co.uk/windowcleaning/

Unlike traditional canvassing which usually charges around 2-3x per job, we only charge 1.5x and offer a more comprehensive and affordable on-going service than door-to-door canvassing companies.

We offer this service in all areas across the country apart from Kent, East & West Sussex. If you're a larger company looking at increasing your work on an on-going basis we can discuss exclusive areas providing we don't already work with a cleaner covering your area.


Speed Canvassing Services

Our standard online canvassing service is designed as an extension to your current marketing methods and runs all year Round. We don't work to meet targets or push to gather you unmanageable amounts of work all at one time.

However, we know some businesses are looking for services to expand quickly. Which is why we now also offer Speed Canvassing services.

We use larger marketing budgets and different methods to generate a larger number of leads in your area, meaning we can increase the number of new customers we get you at a quicker pace. We also offer maximum budgets so we will stop when we reach your targets automatically. 

More information can be found at www.thecleaningnetworkenterprise.co.uk/speed-canvassing

We charge 2x for this service.


With all these new features, we make it much easier for you to find new, quality work. Our new one-off setup fee is £50. After the setup fee is paid, you only ever pay when we get you new work, it's as simple as that.

If you have any questions, please get in touch via the message, comment on this thread or contact us through our website www.thecleaningnetworkenterprise.co.uk 


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