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Wearing mask and canvassing?


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Hi all,

about to start my first time canvassing this week and wondered if people are still door knocking and if I should wear a mask when doing so? I will knock and then stay well back. I feel like half the trick when canvassing would be smiling at the customer... or is it best till we are out of lockdown and then start door knocking and in the meantime leaflet drop? 

many thanks


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I have always just prefered leafleting, but canvassing does yeild better returns. Right now, leafleting might be the better option to avoid any agro.

But personally, I think just staying back 6ft would be fine, then maybe put a mask on if they ask you to leave a card/leaflet.

I did see a team out with face shields on knocking doors last year. I think they may have been collection for a charity. But they looked ridiculous. But I guess we just have to do what we can to be resposible right now. 

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Hi all, 

Is it worth me door knocking and leaflet dropping on houses with clean windows that are obvious they have a window cleaner? Or would be it better to save the leaflet and my time for other house


many thanks 

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