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Oil spill hydraulic hose burst


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My friend has just blown a hydraulic pipe on his cherry picker van on some ones drive ? he asked me if i could jet it but i only have cold washer he has a v-tuff steamer now ide say his machine is whats needed ! Do you think my cold will shift it is there any cems that would help ?  If its block paving ill just spin blocks over 

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I have always found oil difficult to totally remove there is usually some staining/ marks or ghosting there are a number of products that claim to remove it ot8 isn’t bad but again not totally convinced you will get rid of it all , you might laugh but a mate of mine spilt some old engine oil on his drive he poured some methylated spirits onto the oil stains and set fire to it and it did remove 99% of it he then pressure washed it and it wasn’t to bad , the sooner it’s removed the better the chances of it working . 

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42 minutes ago, tench0771 said:

Cheers m8 .  Just told me its tarmac drive ?

Lol that’s even worse as  the oil will desolve the tarmac ????

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I was a hydraulic and pneumatic engineer for 11 yrs, on a tarmac drive youve got no real hope of shifting it.

You cant pressure wash it away as if it goes in the drain youll be fined a fortune.

Walk away mate.


Worst i ever saw was i got called out to a Hiab on a builders merchant lorry, that had been bodged, and the pressure pipe burst next to a new build that had all the windows open, the hose threw hyd oil through every window and all over the front of the house.

The clean up bill was in the 10s of thousands.

Literally had to replace all the walls carpets, take off all the render from the house and replace, the new owners had to spend a month in hotels, it was a horrendous mess. And it was all done by about 25ltrs of oil.

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36 minutes ago, tench0771 said:

Damm thanks guys ill let him no what a nite mare i feel his pain ??‍♂️?

Good shout mate. I know it’s a friend and you want to help but you got to cover your own back. I assume he’ll have insurance. It’s a pain to claim but it’s what it’s there for at the end of the day. Hope it all goes alright!

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Ive not spoke to him about it since ill leve it few weeks and see what happened he will have Insurance so we see what went on ive walked away not interested in getting involved he a good friend and i like to do what i can for him but i had to bow out of this one 

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