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Xtreme longevity

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Hi guys, just about to put my xtreme 25' to use. I'm going to follow all the maintenance instructions religiously and use an extreme brush. I've used the slx' 25' and 18' for 5 years and delighted with them. I'm neither heavy handed with them or light handed. With the above information, how long  can I realistically expect an extreme to last. TIA 👍

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If you’re using it all day every day even with regular maintenance, hard to say exactly, but I’d be very happy with 18+ months?? 

My last extreme 18 lasted 2&half years without breaking. Then sold it. But I didn’t use it all day everyday as I have 3 different poles. 

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I've had an 18 ft extreme for 2 years and not really done too much maintenance and still going


Thanks guys. I've not replaced the slx 18 yet, but going to. 👍




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If when my slx is finished I went for an extreme I'd expect it to last a good 4 or 5 years at least ( with care not to bash it about of course)

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3 hours ago, ks789 said:

If when my slx is finished I went for an extreme I'd expect it to last a good 4 or 5 years at least ( with care not to bash it about of course)

I love my Xtremes, but in all honesty I doubt you will get 4-5 years out of them without having to replace a section or two along the way.  I've always maintained them carefully, even cleaning them out daily when the ground is wet and the hose picks up a lot of grit.

My first section (#3) on my X22 split lengthways due to becoming super thin after two years of constant use three - four days a week.  (My work is very compact so it is in use most of the time during a day.)

The #2 section on the same pole broke the following year when I tried to close a stiff window with it.  It was otherwise in still fairly good condition and I think would probably have lasted another year had I not tried to shut that window with it.

Recommendation: If there is any resistance at all to closing a window, clean it in situ by repositioning the brush.

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Cheers Marko. I'd be happy to get three years out of one, before having to replace a section. And I'll not close any windows with it 👍

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I get 2 years out of mine and in that 2 years both 1 and 2 sections get replaced my poles take a beating rince them out every now and again i do work them hard i may try and get 3 years out of the one i have now and just replace the snapped section 1 or 2 witch ever goes first 

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I never flush mine out as I don't find it very effective at removing all the muck.  I take them apart using the Gardiner widget which makes it easy.  I wipe down the outside of each section first.  Then using a long dowel, push a microfibre down the centre of all the sections with the exception of section #1.  You will need a small microfibre for the two smaller sections.  I then do a quick inspection of the stop tape and re-tape any that needs replacing and then reassemble the pole. 

In the summer I hardly have to do it at all.  In winter I sometimes have to do it every working day depending how mucky the floor it where I'm working.

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Hi Chaps

Good to see all of the comments on these poles and their lifespan - 🙂


Thought I would chip in with my longevity expectations. Whilst some are getting several years from their Xtreme poles generally I would expect the following:

Xtreme pole used regularly as a daily domestic pole: Used 4-5 days per week, maintained to a moderate standard and used in a similar way to a standard SLX/CLX type pole.

About 12 months until I would budget for replacing one of the most used sections (usually #3 or #2), then allow for replacing another one of the top 3 sections every 6 months or so rolling on from that.

If this is allowed for in your budget and expectation then I generally find this to be about right.

There will be those who look after the pole more carefully, clean more meticulously and service regularly who get longer without the need for replacement sections - but generally this is not the case.

The high level Xtreme poles on the other hand (Xtreme47 and 35) if used for mainly high level work can last many years with no replacement sections at all - some customers have 8 year old Xtreme 47 poles that have never needed anything other than regular cleaning and servicing.

The way I see it the SLX is like a Toyota - years of reliable service with minimal attention. The Xtreme is more like a highly tuned sports-car (insert favorite model here!) - much better performance but also much higher ongoing service costs 🙂

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On 27/03/2021 at 09:06, ks789 said:

If when my slx is finished I went for an extreme I'd expect it to last a good 4 or 5 years at least ( with care not to bash it about of course)

no chance...i get around 2 years out of mine and thats with replacing a few sections too but their still worth it for the easier working days IMO...

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