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WFP setup for use at home

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Hi everyone.

This is very similar to the newbie questions you get all the time, but I haven’t found this exact question searching the forum.

I live next door to my parents and I’m interested in finding out what kit I would need to clean the windows on our two houses. I don’t need to put it in a van, I don’t need to wear it 8 hours a day (and it doesn’t need to handle that much work) so I don’t want to go crazy, I just want to be able to clean both houses every month or so for 9 months/year and not have it fail on me in the first 6 months.

We do have a few 2nd floor windows but aside from that nothing unusual.

What kit would you buy for this situation, please?

Thanks for your advice 


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Hi Andy. The problem you have is that you can only use Water Fed Pole with pure water not tap water. So unless you can buy pure water locally (Spotless water) then you will probably need a Reverse Osmosis (RO) system to produce your own. The next problem is that if you don't use a RO system very often it can dry up and stop functioning. You would also need a pole and brush (Gardiners CLX pole would be perfect) and a backpack type water container that pumps the water up the pole to the brush, again Gardiner make a great backpack - no one actually wears the backpack as they are about 25kg full, use a trolley for a backpack!

You could clean them traditionally using an applicator and squeege and a pole to clean the 2nd floor ones. That does require learning as pole work on 2nd floor takes a bit of getting used to but you can use tap water.

I feel sorry posting the above as it just seems like I am trying to put you off but for the effort required let alone the expense I really would suggest getting a window cleaner to do both houses for you. 

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As long as you have an outside tap the cheapest way would be a TDS meter to check your water, a Di vessel, circa 11 litres a CLX27,  50m hose and all relevant connectors.

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8 hours ago, Part Timer said:

As long as you have an outside tap the cheapest way would be a TDS meter to check your water, a Di vessel, circa 11 litres a CLX27,  50m hose and all relevant connectors.

His location is Stroud which is a hard water area most likely 200-300ppm 

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Equipment needed

Step 1

Google search engine: type in Window cleaners near me

Step 2

Telephone: Ring a local window cleaner and book.

Step 3

Funds: To pay step 2


There you go fella easy peasy??

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@Andy2500 A ladder, bucket, applicator, Unger squeegee and a couple of hand towels.

Buying expensive wfp equipment for 2 houses every 4 weeks (more likely every 8 weeks) isn't worth the expense. See @HWCSresponse above. ^^^^^^^

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@Andy2500 your thread reminds me of a person years ago, I was cleaning his neighbours windows and he came out very smugly telling me he wouldnt be needing a window cleaner as he knew the windows cleaners secret to making pure water! I humoured him and said good for you but it's no secret anyone who wants to buy a pole and pure water and a pump can do it. He showed me his fancy RO system in his garage and SLX pole and told me how much money he would save on a window cleaner. You should have seen his face when I told him the cost of the kit he had just bought he could have paid me £15 every 6 weeks like his next door neighbour for about 10 years and wouldnt have had to clean them himself! His face was an absolute picture ??

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keep a window cleaner in business would work out cheaper over the year than buying all the equipment

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