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Playlist - Your window cleaning mp3 thread.

Guest Ken

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So guys to sum up the purpose of this thread, I'd like to say that after window cleaning for 9 years I've developed a need to have a mp3 player at work.

I've always loved music and my job allows me to listen to as much as I want.

So this thread is created so we can all chat about what music we like, recommend albums, singles, mixes etc. So what do we like, what artist motivates you, what songs help pass time and what can relax you when you're on that job that makes you want to quit?


I love dance music, so I tend to listen to high tempo music.

I'll dabble with any music, on my mp3 player is rock, reggae, classical, chillout and even a few songs from Girls Aloud (yes, that's right).


The high tempo of dance music helps me to carry on through a job at a steady speed and helps pass time. Some singles are 6-9 minutes long and can mean that you've done a job in the time you've listened to one song, which makes your day seem shorter.

If I could recommend a song to anyone not into dance music it would be Kyau v's Albert - Tell Me, which is availbale for download on iTunes.


I hope other people can suggest tracks for others to listen to, so we can all try something new at work and you never know may open doors for people to start listening to new music.


Infact, the next 3 songs people suggest I'll download and listen to this Friday, so long as they're not stupid suggestions.lol

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I like to listen to Radio One on my MP3 player,I been listen to Arcade Fire latest album and Chase and Status.I have Swedish house mafia which is about 3 hours if i listen to the whole album.I have weeks where I can't be without my mp3 and other times I like the peace and quiet.

I download a lot of talking books and listen to them just to break up the day.

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Guest colinvansmith

i listen to all different music but find myself getting bored with it every now and again, i've started downloading audiobooks and listening to them as well, mostly fiction with the odd non fiction ***le, currently listening to the bourne series makes the day fly in once you get into a good story



john grisham as well he has some good books

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Haha excellent thread, I'm a mild mannered resi window cleaner by day and globettrotting house/electro dj/producer by ***ht. If you like that, peep this... some nice trancey stuff I did a few years ago :)


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I know this thread is a few years old now and prob no 1 will see this comment but f**k it lol.I like a anime called death note an theres a Japanese band that plays the title song.now im not normally into this kind of music but something about it I like .the band is called maximum the hormone.

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I listen to audiobooks, but maybe some upbeat music could speed me up when I find myself slowing down too much :-)


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i would love to just get gold radio on but its too hard to find....used to listen to the radio a lot but the signal kept dropping out so stick to mp3 now ....load up my 2 gig card and that keeps me going forever...seeing as my main love is the beatles this means i like most music...can't work/live without it ...if only these bloomin custys wouldn't want to chat to me id be all right...now on a serious note if your player is around your neck like mine and the connector starts playing up please dont hit it....i suffered bruised ribs for two weeks cause i hit mine..:hiding:

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Its 6 music all day for me, but I do like to cheer my customers up with a nice helping of the smiths and joy division.......it sure does wipe the smiles from their faces lol.

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