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Bought my new van this weekend!

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Spot Free Cleaning

So I bought my first van today ready for fitting out and starting up! 

It also has a built in pressure washing skid, which is an added bonus!! 

Now to time think and research for hours and hours about the best layout - YouTube here we come! 




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I plumbed and did the electrical work myself with my install, but paid out and had Grippa fit and bolt my tank in.

Have it bolted in properly in the van would be my advice 👍👨🏼‍🦰

Good luck with it 🙂

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it just needs kitting out and sign writing now....remember when you get it done make sure you have the letters very large and clear what you do on the side and phone number too...so many people get it wrong with small letters or too much info....clear and simple is the way forward....itll bring in a steady trickle of work over time....


good luck

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