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Lost a worker

Guest kars

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Just lost a very valued member of staff . Got offered a better wage else where that i cannot top! much as i want to. dont blame the guy but its still a bummer and its not looking good on getting a replacement any time soon considering its coming into the winter months which means we are going to be a bit behind till we do! How do u guys deal with this? :)

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Guest colinvansmith

Adverise with your local job centre its free and you'll get people repling within a day. I have always used the job centre and usually start getting phone calls within the hour after the ad goes live. As cyberpedz says in this climate there are alot of people looking for work you won't struggle to find someone, however finding someone who is good is a hard task, i ask that they at least have standard grade mathhs and english at grade 3 or above to weed out people not suitable as i've had alot of staffing issues as every man and their gog will reply to the add.

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Put an Ad in shop windows and maybe a card attach to the inside of the vehicle "Staff needed,training given phone your number"

Job centre is a bit of a waste of time.Local paper is good and ask Friends and Family if they know anyone who needs a job.

sure you tried some of these already and find staff come and go after a 18 months - 2 years

Maybe review your round and use this opportunity to make some adjustments.If you increase your prices and only lose the work which amounts to value of the wages you paid out for lost staff member you can grow your round with improved prices per houses and give you a chance to find more work and replace staff.(not making much sense)

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I agree with Col about the Job centre - has always worked well for me.


I don't worry so much about the maths & English - I had one lad who could barely read - had dyslexia - but was a brilliant window cleaner.


I do insist on no criminal records, and always start them on a months trial.


Not sure if it still running - but the government were offering to subsidise wages if you take on somebody that has been long term unemployed - but bit of a minefield they may be long term unemployed for a reason.


Would also find out how many sick days they had with last employer - don't need a skiver, and any medical conditions - I took on a chap and later discovered he had lied about his health and he suffered with epilepsy. Not safe for him to go up a ladder at the time so had to let him go.


Good luck

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Guest colinvansmith

Hey Dave, I put the maths english thing in not so much to make sure they can write etc. but more just so i know they have applied themselves to something at some point in there lives.


I found i was getting some plonkers applying for the job sometimes, I agree with the no criminal record thats a must for me as I clean all the local primary schools and we are all on peoples properties when they are not there a lot of the time as well.

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Guest badbusdriver

I'm a one man operation, none of this hassle with employees for me, thank you very much!. Yes, in this climate, as everyone else is saying, you should easy get a replacement, but the problem is finding someone who will do the job properly and maintain your standards. If you take on someone who just wants a job and isnt really interested in doing the job properly, it reflects badly on you, so be careful!.

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