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ro unit ot workng too well !!!???

Guest washerman

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Guest washerman

Hi all

well firstly im new to w.f.p cleaning i have been using trad methods.


I need some advice on my ro un it it seems to be producing a very small amount of water it is a 200 gallon membrain(2 x 100) and im lucky to get 60/70 liters a day! the fillters are all new, the water presure seems to be ok can fill a 5 liter bottle in about 8/9 secons, if i allow water to come out of the waste pipe it slows the rate down even more. im a bit stuck please help!!

oh i bought the unit second hand im not that sure it should make any diff.

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Guest washerman

What the tds and how much waste is coming off,could be a tube connected wrong or kinked



THE T.D.S. IS 6 but the water from the tap is almost 400 so didnt expect it to be a lot better there are no kinks but couldnt say if it is plumbed correctly.

The waste is about 10/15 times the amount of pure water but like i said if i allow waste water there is almost no production of pure water.

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Guest colinvansmith

buy an RO booster pump as there is not enough pressure pushing the water through the membranes and when you allow the waste pipe to go then the water has an easy escape route and water always follows the easiest path

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Have you got the flow restrictor the right way round?


Very occasionally the flow restrictor will fail - the easiest way to check is to take it out and try to blow through it in the direction indicated. If as you blow it goes straight through then you need a new one.


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I had a similar issue with a 300gpd unit. 300 galls = 1362 ltrs. It takes approx 24hrs to get 600-650. That's with a booster pump on it. I was deeply unimpressed but it seems that's what they run at, roughly half what they are rated at. The companies that sell them know this as well. Had BIG discussions with my supplier. Fortunately, I have my setup in a shed with a holding tank and then I can pump it into my van tank. This means my van isn't tied to a hosepipe and the ro can can run when I'm working etc. Not much of a solution but just sharing my experience. :-/

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Guest washerman

Well a big Thank you to you all looks like ill have to get myself a booster pump and take it from there, i didnt expect to get anywere near the full amount out of the unit but you would think that a little transparencey would be good , its like pushing a car off a cliff and claiming you can get 400 miles to the gallon!!! once again ty all.....



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