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hello fellow window cleaners!

Guest badbusdriver

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Guest badbusdriver

No, im not especially new to the job, just never got around to joining a forum!. I work in the north east of scotland where the cold fingers of winter are starting to make themselves felt, brrr!. I have been cleaning windows for just under 2 and a half years now using a home made wfp system (dont see the point of spending a fortune to get a setup that does exactly the same as something you can put together yourself for a few hundred quid). Started off using a 1000ltr system(!), due to some duff advice about what i needed, now using a 500ltr system mounted in the back of a transit connect, which is much more efficient, but i do sometimes miss having the extra space of a bigger van (like when i need a pee!). Anyway, thats all for now, but i am going to be asking a question or 2 regarding hot water, so any experts, please keep an eye out!, cheers.

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Guest badbusdriver

Hi there, I may have been slightly misleading on the price, as i was using some of the key parts from my old system!. However, if you are happy enough using a couple of 200l drums scrounged from, say a transport yard or garage, strapped into the back of your van for the water (my brother is a self employed car valeter and that is what he uses), and if you know a friendly window cleaner who might be able to give, or sell you cheap, some bits and pieces (fittings, bits of hoses etc, di vessel if you are lucky) you should be able to put together a system for maybe £400+ poles. My own system uses a proper baffled tank, which for a 500l (my transit connect has a 900kg payload, 500l maybe a bit heavy for your berlingo?) is is currently about £200, but i got mine on special offer, it was about £130. I then got a local fabrication company to weld up a frame using 3" angle for the tank to sit in with brackets lined up with 4 of the load securing points, they charged £100 for it. I painted the frame with hammerite, removed the existing brackets for the load securing points, bolted in the frame, and used a 5 ton strap to hold the tank into the frame. Your pump will be about £70 for a 100psi surflo, a variflow meter will be about £90, but you do need this, otherwise you will go through heaps of water!. You can get 100m of 6mm microbore hose on a reel for £120 or less, and a new di vessel will be £80-90 (thats 11l, smaller ones are obviously cheaper). So all in all, i spent about £350, but i was using my existing hose and reel, my existing pump (still going strong after nearly 2 and a half years!), my existing resin vessel, and my existing poles. If i was buying everything from scratch it would be about £700 total+ the poles, but with a basic 'proper' 500l van mouted system costing £1200+vat (from brodex, and that doesnt include hose), its a big saving, less than half price. Remember, there is nothing especially complicated in a wfp system, so there isnt any point in handing over any more of your hard earned cash than absolutely necessary!. Hope this helps, happy cleaning!.

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Like badbusdriver if you plan out and look around for bits you can build a system for peanuts,I posted a shopping list on the forum Garden A.D.E if you need help moving over to wfp the winter months are great time to plan

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