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WFP and water usage


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We have touched on this subject in other posts, but for most of us this is an important subject and worthy of its on thread. I am always working to use less water without comprising the cleaning and reducing the amount of water we use a day can have real knock on affects like less fuel used in traveling smaller work van resin last longer if on a water meter this will have big impact on your bill from the water board.

I like to see how others tackle the balance between water consumption and a quality clean.

I roughly use about 180 l a day or clean about 20 3/4 bed semi houses

I don't have a controller on my system and just rely on a tap and the shut off switch on my pump to control the water flow,I use 6mm microbore hose and fan jets on my brush.my pump is shureflow 4.5 l per minute.

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Guest badbusdriver

Yes, we are carrying on from this subject, which developed from the 'pump issues' thread, sorry Col!. I use a 500 litre tank with a 100 psi 4.5l p.m. surflo, along with a pump controller which i usually have set about 60%. I use pencil jets and have a holster with a tap on it, so i can switch off between windows. On an average day i would say i use 375-400 litres, but have a couple of days where i use most of it. I am not a particularly fast worker, being pretty lazy at heart(!), but i am very thorough, so it may be that i use a lot more water than some of you guys (and i dont say that implying that any of you guys are not thorough!, but the water is coming through at a constant speed, so obviously the more time you spend on a window, the more water used). Also, when i quote for windows, the price includes all the frames and all the doors, it may also incude the garage door depending on what type, and in what condition it is. My round is very spread out, with lots of different types and sizes of houses, ranging in price from £6 to £75, so a like for like comparison with your 20 3/4 bed semi's is difficult. The closest comparison i can offer would be 1 street where i have 12 customers, all with detatched 3/4 bed houses, 3 of which have large conservatories. I arrive on the street at 9, have usually finished by 12, and will have used, at a guess, 180-200 litres. But as i mentioned, i dont work very fast, and i will stop and have yap with my customers, especially the older ones, who are always very happy to see me!.

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Guest ricoclay

I work from a Bayersan trolley pump system with 25lt tanks on it (still working from an estate car so it's convenient) and I get around 3 x 3 bed houses out of 50ltrs of water. Does that sound about right???

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Ricolay when you multiply that by 10,you cleaning about 30 houses with 500 l and there are a lot of variables to consider like how often there cleaned and how dirty,I been working on my technique of how I clean the window,I work with a trolley system out the back of my estate too and trying to reduce the amount of water I carry around.I attached my tap to the bottom of my pole with jubilee clips and seems to the most effecient place for my to have it

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