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Back pack wfp

Guest Purus

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Hi, I am a traditional window cleaner and want to try a wfp system, but wanted to try a backpack first, because of expense and just to try the system. Would a 18lt backpack be a good buy. It says it has a pump capable of pumping up to 60ft high. How many houses do you think I could clean with one tank full? It is £125.00 new, do you think this is a fair price?

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18ltrs would last you 1-2 houses, i was looking into one as i have a 650ltr 2 man system and i thought a backpack would make rear house access easier instead of trailing hoses, but the fill time of the backpack was too long to be efficient, great for shops and odd jobs, but no good for house after house on a street

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Guest MyLittleCleaningCompany

The price sounds good but I would recommend a trolley system. I have been working for 2 years now with a trolly and it has served me well. I have 6 x 25 litre containers which I fill up the ***ht before. I'm selective on when I use the system to clean the whole house but sometimes it's just as quick to do the 1st floor wfp then the ground by hand. I'm due to have my van system installed in a couple of weeks but still have my trolley for those hard for reach places or courtyards within a block.

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I have both because i started of with a back pack as it was the cheapest way but i still use both to go up fire escape stairs going though the back of peoples houses you dont have to fill it right up half fill it you will get most of a back standard 3 bed semi- .I then went to a trolley system which is the next stage then a van mount i am probaly going to sell my trolley one day and just keep back pack

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just my two pence worth, but i think if you go with backpack or trolly, it may put you off wfp systems. as squidy said, refilling is a hassle and time consuming, and one of the biggest benifts of wfp is time saving on jobs.


for the price of a new trolly, you could get a second hand van system. they come in small sizes too, so if you dont have a van, they would fit in your boot, or a trailor :)

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Appreciate your comments Reform - but worth taking into account the area.


In my old area we used a Land rover, with 1200L Brodex trailer system for commercial work, and a van for smaller stuff.


Now I have moved, most of my work is residential, and parking is not always easy, so have converted to trolley, with a backpack to go through - if needed.


I guess my point is that in my case the backpack is not what I work with because i cant afford a van system - for my work it works better & faster.

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yh i appreciate the backpacks can be very handy. i bought 2 when my van broke down so i can continue working from my car. I still use them occassionaly on certain jobs where the hose would be just too much hassle.


i got the yellow ones off the internet....about £80 each and they are brill! battery lasts days, but the only downfall is they pump the water too fast! i keep meaning to put a tap or valve on which should sort that.

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ive been using a backpack 4 4 months now, i have a car so carry 2 x 25 litre drums and fill up when needed, i just clean tops , i wanted to gain enough experience to start with wfp cleaning, im looking forward to cold winter months where my fingers will not turn pink and blue from holding alliminium ladders. i will survive the winter safer and warmer this year using a clx pole and backpack on a trolley. placed on back seat on top of a shower screen to keep seats from drips of water. this will make or break me. i have gained enough experience and knowledge now .

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