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Guest thenewkidontheblock

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Guest thenewkidontheblock

Hi, does anybody know what you need for pure water fed systems?

I want to put on in my van. Can some1 explain where i need to put my ro and my di....and if i need anything else?


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Guest ClearVue Solutions



Welcome. That is a big question. Do you have any experience in pure water systems before?


If you want a chat or have any questions, feel free to email me at info@clearvuesolutions.co.uk


As regards ro and DI, you will need an RO system with a pump, a DI tank and a storage water butt.


In ur van u will need a baffled water tank, 12v battery, shurflo 100psi pump, pump flow controller unit, 100m hose, hose reel, split charge relay, all your connectors n hose to connect pump to tank, straps to hold tank and a few other bits too.


Don't forget a tap n connector for ur hose reel, a pole, brush etc...


Anything else, drop me a line :-)



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Guest thenewkidontheblock

Hi thanks....no i dont have any experiance in pure water systems at all....but i think i'll need to go that way.

Would it be ok if you explain what i need from the outside tap to the van/where the DI tank and the storage tank go....and also why you need them, and what each bit does if its not too much trouble? I know it sounds thick but its easier for me to work out and understand as i dont know what the bits are or do.

also....what are these resin bags?

also which kit/manufacturer are the ones to have?

I want to build my own if i can.....mechanical wise im alright once i know what my bit are.


Thanks for your time and help



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Guest badbusdriver

Hey Sam, no question is a stupid question, if you dont know, you dont know!. Di & ro are the 2 methods of purifying your water. Ro is generally used along with di (when used like this, di usage is minimal), the water is fed through a series of filters, which brings the water down to a certain purity. Depending on how soft your tap water is, you may get away with using just ro, but most windy's then put it through a small di vessel to bring the water down to 0. Di can be used on its own, but unless your water is pretty soft from the tap, will probably work out more expensive than ro. Unfortunately, filtering your water through an ro system takes a bit of time, so unless you have a driveway to park your van safely while connected up, you may be forced to use di only (unless you have a garage or shed in which you could set up a static system?). Di 'resin' looks a bit like brown sugar, you put in a 'vessel' (looks like a small oxygen tank a diver would use). Once filled with resin, the water gets filtered through and completely purifies it. The water i use comes out the tap at about 55-60ppm, and a 25l bag of resin (about £80 inc vat) will last me about 3 months. Im not too sure about ro systems, as i am di only, i think you can get a small system for about £100-£120, but the filters will need replacing every so often, how often will depend on your tap water. A diy wfp system is by far the most cost effective way to go, there really is nothing complicated about it. The most important thing to think about (in my opinion!) is making sure your water tank is secure. You need a tank, and yes, a baffled tank is best (the baffles stop the water surging about and potentially making your van unstable while driving) though in practice, unless you have a large tank (650l+), an upright tank (i.e., high centre of gravity), or drive like a loon, it isnt essential. A baffled tank can be quite expensive, maybe £250 for a 500l like mine, but if money is tight, you could scrounge a couple of 200l drums from a garage or transport yard, just make sure they are strapped in securely. You need a pump, surflo is the best, you need a hose and reel, i use 100m microbore (6mm), you will need a brush or 2, 1 small brush for 'downstairs', and 1 larger for 'upstairs' (I use a 34ft, but you may find a smaller 1 would do). I would consider a pump controller essential, but others on this forum are not convinced. Basically the controller reduces the voltage of the pump without affecting how it runs, this means you can use much less water than you would otherwise. It also, depending on what type you get, means you dont need a leisure battery as you can wire up the controller to your van battery. Dont worry about the battery going flat, unless it is already knackered it will be fine, esp if diesel van, which will have a bigger battery. I have 1 street where i am parked up for 3-3.5 hours doing houses, and never had a problem starting after!. The tank needs to be placed as far forward as you can for weight distribution, and also for traction if fwd. As for particular makes, or brands, just the pump really, as already mentioned. A water tank is a water tank, ditto the hose and most of the other bits and pieces you will need. I get most of my stuff from wintecs or cleaning spot, free delivery on orders over £45, and in the case of wintecs, next day delivery if order put in before 12 noon. Size of van depends on your needs, and how big a tank you plan to use. For up to 400l you would get away with an 800kg payload, up to 250l you could use something with a 600kg payload. As my tank is 500l i went for a lwb transit connect 230 (900kg payload), but you could also think about an old shape citroen dispatch/fiat scudo/peugeot expert all of which could be had with a 900kg payload and has added advantage of being available with double passenger seat.

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Guest ClearVue Solutions

Nice one 'badbusdriver'


NEWKIDONTHEBLOCK any other questions and want a quick answer, feel free to give me a call or an email (im on blackberry)


info@clearvuesolutions.co.uk or 0788 7777 252



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