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Just woke up to snow


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Just wondering what everyone does when they get hit with snow. Normally we take the stance that when its just landed the roads will be bad and its not worth risking the vans getting damaged and losing more days while they are in the garage.


Once the roads clear we generally get back out though and use extension poles if we have to, to get a little bit of work done.


Anyone persevere in the snow? or do you take a little bit of time off to let it clear as well?

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Guest badbusdriver

Why on earth would i take the day off due to a bit of snow?, that sounds like the at***ude my kids teachers take; 'oh no, there is a couple of snow flakes on the ground, i cant make it in to work'!. If there is so much snow, i cant physically get anywhere, fair enough, but otherwise, business as usual, if i dont work im not bringing in any money. If the roads are a bit slippy, take your time, it isnt rocket science!.

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^^ Sound a bit harsh mate.

i work through snow as much as I can, I have driven quite some distance in very deep snow so don't even consider crashing an option as I'm a good driver.

I have to earn money so I have to work.

It was really slippy yesterday what with snow being on ice but once I'm at a job I'm safe, I pick roads that are best suited and if I lose some time travelling so be it.

My time travelling isn't much in my opinion, and once I'm at a job safe and sound I can crack on no probs.

Each to their own on these things, what I consider ok some may consider bad, yet what i consider bad some may consider ok still so i let my own judgement guide me.

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Guest badbusdriver

Sorry if i offended, laddergarder, that wasnt my intention. It just seemed a bit of strange statement to make, that of it being you're (company?) stance not to go out in snow for fear of damaging the vans?. There is so much incompetent, and downright dangerous, drivers out there on the roads, if i wasted time worrying about my van getting damaged, i would never go out, whatever the weather!. Just take your time, be extra vigilant, and keep a safe distance to the vehicles in front. I have a snow shovel and pair of 'snow socks' in the van, just in case i get stuck, but between this winter and next, i am intending on getting an extra set of wheels, with winter tyres fitted to them. One last thing though, if its snowing, chances are the temperature is above freezing, so there is more chance of getting work done than if there is a hard frost! :-)

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I did manage to get a little done yesterday with trad poles, but I stayed off the ladders as the driveways etc were pretty icey, and there was a definite chance of ladders slipping out, so I just played it safe. It was not just the vans getting damaged that I was considering, staff safety was a concern as well.


Your post was little harsh buddy but no offence taken. I don't get what you mean by " that of it being you're (company?) stance not to go out in snow". But we are not a company, just a small business.

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Guest badbusdriver

Laddergarder, glad to hear you havent taken offence. My comment that you are unsure of is simply that, in this post, as with a few others i have noticed, you say "we" or "our", as opposed to "i" or "my", so i was guessing that you worked for, or with, a company, or business if you like (i think of them as the same thing!), and were not a self employed one man operation like me. As such, i dont have any 'policies' or 'stances' with regards to any particular situation, and my brain is too small to think very far ahead anyway!, i just deal with things as and when i come across them. I suppose as a business, with employees, the dreaded health & safety has to have a much greater priority than with myself. I hear what you are saying about ladders on ice though, not a good combination. As im wfp only, i just have to worry about slipping and falling on my a**e! :-)

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No probs, we are not that different though, I am a self employed window cleaner just like yourself. I was working full time in a local shop, but was only getting 30 hours a week for min wage, so started window cleaning part time, then about a year later, the shop went into liquidation, and I lost my job. I began building up my round with some pretty good success. So a couple of years ago I took on my first employee and now have two vans on the road. At the moment we cant really take on too many more customers so I am thinking of taking another man on in the summer. All in all I have been cleaning window for about 5 years now, and its probably the best thing I ever did.

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Guest badbusdriver

Sounds pretty severe there foxgeorge, Hope you dont have any damage. It isnt too bad here in n.e. scotland, so be leavin shortly to get to my 1st port of call an hour away!. I have been noticing some mini gas heaters on ebay, seriously thinking about getting one for the van, 30cm x 34cm x 60cm, runs about 65-70 hours on a 7gk bottle on low. Just been hesitating while thinking how to get round the ventilation issues (and the £90 of course!). Happy days :-)

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