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Am I going in the right direction???


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Hi! Folks!!!!...


I am new to the Window Cleaning Forum. I have been keeping an eye on this website over the past few months and I have found it to be very helpful indeed...


I have finally talked myself into joining the website and here I am with my first post on the forum!!!... The question I ask is...

Am I going in the right direction???


Well. for that you need to know abit about me so here I go....


I am 36 years of age and have always worked in PAYE jobs!... Such as a Postman and currently a Refuse Loader for the local council... In April 2010 my wife took a break from a long working life to bring up our daughter and we have another one on the way this April... (She plans to go back to work when the children start pre-school) During the month of May 2011 I decided to start up my own window cleaning round becuase we only had/have one wage coming in!... I have done everything how I should by taking alot of advice from this website and also another window cleaner/friend who I once worked with many years ago on the Post and now has a well establiished round in my area. Infact he has given me a few jobs because these days he is concerntrating on more commericial work in the town etc. Over the past few months I have built up a fair sized round and at present have 92 customers and a couple of commericial jobs. I often feel slightly restricted because I do not drive beacuse I was born with a eye condition and at the moment I fall just short on the eyesight law of 20.5 meters. Although, I am working hard with my consultant and maybe over the next year or two something maybe done to help me on the road!... I feel that I have worked round this problem well... I put roof bars on my wife's car and sometimes I leave my ladders at friends house etc etc. I also brought xtend and climb ladders which I carry doing the odd house hear and there using my bicycle!... And I feel that maybe as the round gets bigger the use of mobility may not be as great as needed right now because I hope to build up the amount of houses in each one area. Due to having two jobs I have never canvassed because I wanted the business to grow naturally because I never wanted to have too many houses to do and because of having two jobs not having enough time to do it all. I have got it into my head that come April 2012 I want to go for it!!! and take the plunge!!!... So, to speak... I half feel that with a little canvassing, abit more word of month etc I could double my workload and give up the PAYE job!... The PAYE job is getting worse all the time - what with "CUTS" and my "Job on Finish" time is getting later and later... Which does not help with getting out to clean windows!!!... My wife seems to have more confidence than me. I worry because having my PAYE job is a regular wage which I know will be in the bank each month!... This town has only got two or three window cleaners who have stuck it out!.. Most of my work to date is friends, family, friends of friends and neighbours through seeing me out and about. My name is out in the town and I have lived in this town all my life. So, I am well known. I feel that if I stay at the council I will never be able to increase no-more than 100 custmers because my "Window of time" is not big enough!. But. I feel slightly nervous about going for it!!!... Am I going the right way about it all???..... Regards Richard

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Guest colinvansmith

Yes, you are motivated thats half the battle, although i'd suggest going at it from the end of February to get a head start for spring/summer.


Canvassing works well for some but not others i'd suggest along with canvassing put leaflets out i have a leaflet template i can give you i ran up on publisher there is a lot of psychology around the leaflets which helps. If you go full time from say beginning of march put leaflets out for 4 hours in the morning, then head back out from around 6pm - 8.30pm canvassing you will pick up load of work within a few months easily enough to sustain you until you develop your round.


Be very aware of under pricing your work a lot of people do this to start with to get more customers but you will eventually find you hate doing these jobs as you know your not earning enough from each. Start with the most affluent areas in your town and all the new build estates, keep canvassing anywhere that they are bulding new houses every three weeks or so as its fairly easy to pick up jobs from people just moving in remember the more concentrated you can make your round the more money you will make.


I would try and stay clear of council house areas if possible as you will find that sometimes its a ***htmare to get paid and you could fill that time with a more quality customer. Only target these areas when you have exhausted the rest.


Buy some window cleaning software george is good just google it its £50 and well worth it will save you a lot of time admin wise.


take out a free ad in yell.com, build a website if its feasable as well.


First chance you can afford if you are not already change to using a wfp as you can get twice as much work done and its not as physically taxing.


remember you can canvass in the streets where other window cleaners work as they will not have every person in that street.


make sure you put customer servicer as your top priority as this builds loyalty


cant think of anything ellse right now but your on the right track just keep at it


fyi you have probably already thought of this but my g/f has just had laser eye surgery, she couldnt see 2ft in front of her and now has better than 20/20 vision just a thought as i know its expensive :)

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Dear Col... Thank You for all your wonderful advice... I have a week booked off work in Feb. So, if I get my preparation correct. I should be able to get going even more then. my e-mail address is richardjohnalecock@yahoo.co.uk and If you could send somekind of template than that would be great!!!... I know what you mean about council estates. I had a few pull the plug on me this month due to lack of money xmas etc and a couple say "can you come back 2morrow/next week etc". I am not sure that some people relise the length taken to clean windows. I feel I have my pricing fairly good. Although, I do feel that one or two are under priced through being new to the business. I have a few blocks/cul-der-sac areas which I do 50p/£1 cheaper than the going rate. But. make a good earner from it because its all together... I know what I want and where I want to be in a few months time. Its just that being new to working for myself makes me feel alittle nervous and I tend to put Brick Walls in front of myself. Having comments from you and being a member of this forum is very good motivation!.. Thanks again Richard

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working for your self is the best thing in the world i have real issues about working for people one word from them and my mind is ready to blow.


im also new to the game but its the best job ever.


good luck with it all and take onboard cols advice:)

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Cheers Garden A.D.E... I can relate to what you are saying about working for people... It seems worse than ever at the moment... I have always given it to em' back. But. then ya end up living a life of politics and meetings, digging yaself out of un-needed situations..I do not feel my Parents put me on this earth for that rubbish!!!. I have only been a Window Cleaner since mid this year (on a Part time basis) and I have already realised that people like me more in my Window Cleaning Polo Shirt, than they do in my PAYE Uniform... Infact many Locals/Customers have more encouragement for me to succeed than the people I work with... I try not to tell the people I work with too much because they all seem so damn negative!... and it brings me down!!!... Thanks for the encouragement!... onwards and upwards!!! (Well... a ladder for now...!!!)...

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your rite mate every single job ive had has been a absolute joke w@nk money poor gaffas that take the p1ss,working with complete jacka$$ people no xmas bonuses no xmas cards no hand shake no thanks not one thing graft all week never knock a day work in all the weather conditions work as and when needed do favors and get jack back the list goes on for me i was going to work on my way there i would be thinking about killing my boss thats how bad it got i realy want to hammer him made my home life a wreck nearly lost my mrs the lot strees too much.


id rather have nothing than work for anyone ever again you just get ripped off all day every day.

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Sounds like how I have felt recently... I have felt like it more so since having my Second Job - Part-Time Window Cleaning Round. I really want to go for it soon!!!... How long have you been going?... And do you feel like your winning? Have you built up a nice Round/ etc etc... Cheers Richard

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Best of luck richard....sounds like you are well motivated, which is half the battle. I had 28 years of working in the civil service and left on 31/10/2011. it makes such a refreshing cham=nge to be your own boss. Having said that, I have had quite a few sleepless ***hts hoping I have done the right thing, but the more customers that I get the more relaxed i feel about it all. Just believe and keep believing.

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Thank You mrtaytay and all above for your refreshing comments... looks like I must keep it going and like you said Just believe and keep believing!!. Happy Xmas and lets all hope for a Happy New Year!!!

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Sounds like how I have felt recently... I have felt like it more so since having my Second Job - Part-Time Window Cleaning Round. I really want to go for it soon!!!... How long have you been going?... And do you feel like your winning? Have you built up a nice Round/ etc etc... Cheers Richard



ive been going since june this year mate been going ok upto now but had a bad patch last 3 weeks and havnt got enuff windows to live on,in the summer im fine as i have a good garden round and get loads of work fencing tree felling painting all sorts mate still trying to get alot more windows so im fine and tick over nice in the winter.by end of next summer i should be fine hopefully.


sometimes ive been offered work to work for someone but i just cant do it i wind myself up before ive even met the guys or get to job bad i know but its a real problem ive had since i left school its took me 10yr to realise that me working for someone is never going to or lead me to be happy in life.


and its too dam short for that sh1t:exclamation:;)

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Guest colinvansmith

I worked in the motor trade for ten years and was made redundant in 2007. best thing that ever happened to me i was like the rest of you guys hated my job, my boss, the way i was treated, everything. i will have been window cleaning for three years in feb coming, i started off with a ladder and my girlfriends car. i now have 2 vans and several employees using wfp method. I am no brainbox i am an average guy i am the proof that anyone can do this with the right motivation keep at it resilience is the key.

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col it was your story i read on here that gave me the push to think about jacking my job i take my hat off to you and its great to see that you have done realy well for your self mate:)


i wish i had the scope when i was 17 to buy a ladder and get out and do it,i would have been laffing now.better late than never i supose.

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Get out and give it a go I say!! Ive always wanted to work for myself since a young age and after 4 years of an office job i hated almost as much as the boss there i took the plunge.


I started August this year just before i turned 21, I have around 90 customers now and one commercial job and fingers crossed a hotel ive been asked to quote will take me on.


Best thing ive ever done!

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