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3 bed house for 4 pound ?

Guest jambo113

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Guest jambo113

hi ive just started out into window cleaning after spending the last 9 years as a joiner. i'm enjoying the job but finding it hard getting new customers ive had a couple of people say that there last window cleaner use to do it for 4 pound. and that me charging 6 is to much, do you think there just trying it on?

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Guest jambo113

yer the thing thats making me unsure is that she said her last one so why doesnt he clean her windows anymore? bad job or he realised he couldnt make any money at that price or was it just along time ago lol i know a window cleaner round that area that use to do my sisters and he charged 5 pound 6 years ago

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Guest ricoclay

£4??? Probably why he doesn't clean them anymore. What area are you in?? I get £10 for a 3 bed house and most people will snap my hand off at that price. I am in Hampshire though

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Guest badbusdriver

£4 for a 4 bed house?, thats nuts!, even £6?, how do you manage to make a living?, you must be flat out all the time!. Im wfp only in n.e. scotland, that 4 bed house will be £12+ thanks very much. Big conservarory?, £18-20.........! :-)

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Guest jambo113

im only going by what the other cleaners charge around here im in grimsby and its mostly small terraced houses there is some bigger and better properties around but all the ones ive tryed canvasing so far seem to be taken ive only been doing it a month and got a very small round at the min but does seem to be getting bigger just ordered 2000 leaflets to post around so hopefully they will help

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Jambo, try not to get to bogged down with what the compe***ion charge, just charge what makes you a living you are happy with. There will be window cleaners out there that charge less, and ones that charge more. Unfortunately, the customer may have been employing someone who was doing it on the side, and that may be why there were charging so little.


Dont be afraid to tell the customer that, I have had this before and just been straight with the customer.


Tell them you think they may have been doing it on the side if they were charging that little. Then explain, they likely stopped doing it because they realised they were not making enough money. Explain that it too low, and use a comparison, like what they pay for a taxi driver to drive them home from the pub, to help put things into prospective for them.


It may also help to tell them about the risks of employing someone working on the side like that.


Tell them that if they are found to knowingly employee someone who is working illegally, or fail to make reasonably checks to ensure that they are legitimate, they (the customer) can be sued for any damages to neighbouring properties if the worst happened. It would also be there insurance that would be claimed of the window cleaner was to cause damage to there property and and was found to not be insured.


Most people would see the value in paying the extra couple of quid, anyone else who want to argue over £2 is not the kind of customers you want buddy. You are going to have to gradually raise your prices over the years to continue to make a living, and they will never accept the price rises.


We have a minimum price of £5, I have one customer who only wanted here two windows done at the front of her building. I explained that she would have to pay the minimum price of £5 but if she wanted the inside of the windows done, we could to that as well for the same price, or her front and back for £5 (only 4 small windows). But she said no I just want the front 2 done from the outside, and was happy to pay £5.


But sometimes you just come across members of the public, that want to pay the same price they paid 15 years ago, and don't understand the cost of providing your service.


Come up with a pricing structure and if 90% of the people you speak to are happy with your price, there your pricing structure is fine. If you find only 40% accept your quotes then you need to adjust your price. But don't make that decision on the back of one or two old dears that want there windows done for £4.


Hope that helps


Ladder Garder

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£6 for a 3 bed house!? Would you please come and do my windows?


That's £1 per window, which is about average where I am, in the West of Scotland. All area are different across the country, with varying cost of living.

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If you live in a village or cover a certain area of a large town. It may well help to get to know other established window cleaners in the area!... I started back in the summer and I have built my round on family, friends and friends of friends. I also contacted the window cleaner in my area and told him that I was not starting up to under-cut and nick work. Infact he has been most helpful. He is always busy and has been going years and has seemed happy that I contacted him. he has helped me with advice and directed a few customers my way as he has to much work to handle and often slips a couple of weeks behind with his customers. He is more established than me. I am still new to the game and I respect him for that as do I respect other experienced window cleaners on this website who have given sound advice. Here in Suffolk a normal size house is around £7 - £8 a few on the outskirts of the towns etc will pay between £10 - £15 pounds. I look back sometimes and feel that one or two of my customers are getting a £1 or £2 out of me because I went in too low when I started just to get the work. I have got used to the pricing situation now and I tend to add a £1 on just for luck. Be sure to find out if the possible customer is looking for a REGULAR window cleaner before pricing up a job. You do not want to be doing ONE OFF CLEANS to cheap as they take longer. I have still got a long way to go. But. I thought i'd better share a few thoughts like other on this website have done for me. If in doubt - Shout it out!!!... Plenty of good windows cleaner on this website with helpful advice!!!

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Guest jambo113

thanks for the advice really helps. cant wait to get back out canvassing just seen the draft for my leaflets and they look pukka hopefully these will help me look more professional and prove im serious about what i do

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