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Guest Mdrake

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Guest Mdrake

Well I've found a van and kit, hopefully off the buy it this week.


I've looked at vista print for leaflets and website. Found some insurance for the van and me.


Going to do leaflet drops and door knock once I've got them. My question is there any point me looking at business for work?


If so how's the best way to approach them?

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Guest ricoclay

Avoid Vistaprint for both things mate. You will be waiting forever for some sub-standard leaflets and their websites don't even let you include meta-tags so there is no way of getting found on google.


With regards to looking for business......just canvass, canvass and canvass. You will have cr*p days and you will have good ones too. Just keep at it and don't let the smile drop. Ultimately, you are now in charge of your own destiny and you can earn what you like, when you like.


Oh, and good luck (and don't come to Southampton nicking my customers) lol

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Guest Mdrake

No worries no the Southampton front I'm in Gloucestershire. You don't have any ideas on where to get leaflets done do you or websites?


Also what makes a good flyer?


As far as canvassing go I'll walk as far as needed! I'm setting up whilst still being employed Fortuntaly

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that's is good advice from ricoclay, I would second that flyers can be a waste of time. I have built up most of my work from, canvassing with flyers, door knocking and word of mouth. Over the years I have found that canvassing door to door does much better than flyers and no longer use them because of this. However a business card can be useful when canvassing door to door.

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Guest ClearVue Solutions

Hey, if you want any leaflets/business cards/ logo/ website designed, give me a bell and I can help you out as I offer this as a service as well as uniform.


im always about for a chat, so feel free to drop me a line :-) 0788 7777 252 office@clearvuesolutions.co.uk


Jeremy in Suffolk

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Guest neil_09

The business cards from vista print for me are the knees of the bee. Postcards from vista print i use for leaflets and have had a alot of work from them. Plus when your getting 100 leaflets for £3.50 posted i really cant complain. I aim to get 3/4% for leaflets. Canvassin is much higher and better because they see who there dealing with. Good luck and hope this weather doesnt put you off

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Guest colinvansmith

i have used leaflets which i print myself that have worked brilliantly for me, i think its slightly shortsighted for some guys on here to say don't use leaflets just canvass as they both have there place, what works for one doesnt nececcerally work for another, you need as many marketing streams as you can afford, leaflets, canvassing, website, free ad on yell .com, sign writing on your van, embroidered uniforms, they all help

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ive just got a 1000 cards of vistaprint for 40quid not bad the leaflets havnt been doing too well for me so ill give this ago for abit look miles better than my old black and white leaflet lol.

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Guest colinvansmith

i've tried having postcard leaflets proffesionaly printed but haven't found them to be any better where i live than balck n white home jobs, every area is different though

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Guest badbusdriver

Hey mdrake, good luck with starting out, its going to be a hard slog to get going, especially at this time of year, but stick with it.


You need to be very careful buying a van already set up for wfp. Was it done professionally by an established company?, if not, it will be a diy job, which may be ok, but you need to be sure its fitted properly and the tank in particular, is secure. Also, you need to make sure the tank size is appropriate for the van payload.


As for approaching business's for custom, personally i would be reluctant on that front. Its not that i have had any bad experiences personally as pretty much all of my work is houses, but i have heard that they can be very slow to pay their bills. Also, one extreme example of what can happen if you concentrate on business's happened to an ex window cleaner i know. Most of his work was business's, and when the recession really started to kick in, they all started cancelling, he didnt have enough houses to keep him going, so he had to pack it in. If, due to the recession, i lose a couple of houses here and there at £10-£15, it isnt going to make a huge difference to my earnings overall, but if you lose a couple of bigger business's that may be a different story....!. Start small, once you have built up a decent sized round and are feeling more confident, you might then think about it. Ive been at it since june 09, new customers are trickling in all the time, and i can honestly say, ive never been too bothered about trying to get work from business's.

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Guest Mdrake

Cheers Busdriver I've got questions about the van I've seen about how professional the installs been. I'm now looking again. Your thoughts on business mirror mine so thanks.


I was thinking of solely domestic, which in turn should make my van purchase cheaper. I'm now think of a Kangoo and a 250ltr tank

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