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Struggling To Get Pressure Washer Jobs

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I would say a brain removal tool and leave it on the floor as more likely than not it will end up there anyways


Why on earth would anyone risk their life like that beats me. Most roof cleaners I've seen have a total disregard towards their own safety and consistently break HSE law just to keep the cost down.

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johnny bravo

its ok on bungalows, i wouldnt go walking along house roofs. bad enough climing ladders to clean gutters.id probably freeze end up on youtube. l o l

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i have an employee so cant take any risks, double storey or above get quick scaffold on and we always wear a safety harness with a fall arrestor this is always tied into the chimney or onto the roof ladder which will have a wire down opposite side and drilled into wall, only one off us does the powerwashing the other is moving hoses ,ladders etc all the time, on bungalows we dont scaffold but the fall arrestor and harness always worn and roof ladder i wired into house wall and clipped in using r clips, we fill hole in wall with silicone sealant after job done if punter wont let us drill into wall he has too pay for full scaffold off house, an extra £300 on the job so usually they dont moan, so for roofs you need


fall arrestor x 2

safety harnessx2

power washer hoses lance etc

2 x7 m stage ladders

1 x roof ladder

drill , r clips , safety wire, rawl bolts

so now you can see why my avg roof price is around £400 the pikeys appear and do it the dangerous way , me never!!!

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