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Backpack wfp


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Guest colinvansmith

you'll only get 3-4 3 bed houses cleaned with a back pack before having to refill, if u have a van your better off with a trolley system usually around £400-£700 or you can build a decent diy van system for around £1200-£1500



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Thanks for that. im just going to use it as a spare. Mainly for doing them windows you cannot get to like above a conny or leaded. It will hardly be used but there if i want it. Do not want to change from trad.

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Be careful, they are quite easy to carry when you can walk with them or stand, but using a pole while wearing one can be tricky at angles and can give you a bad back, as it helped me get mine. Pulling a muscle in your back at the very least is not worth it.

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Way too heavy for me to put on my polystyrene back so I fasten it to a sack trolley from B&Q.It cost £25.I have the backpack from Window Cleaning Warehouse.It works a treat.I can get round most jobs as its smaller and less bulky than the usual trolley systems.

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Guest ClearVue Solutions

I had a Shurflo backpack, i imported from the states (as it was cheaper) A fab bit of kit. But as said above, if you get 2 houses out of it before you have to refill you are doing well.


Plus wearing and working is not a good idea as it kills your back muscles.


How are you going to get pure water? Make your own or buy it? I sell a system, that might be perfect for what you need. Purifies custs water from the tap, designed for occasional use. Drop me an email and ill show you some pics and explain how it works.



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ive been intrested in a trolley system but always wondered about getting pure water?


some lads i spoke to who was on the pole said they just but sodium bi carb tabs in there water??


sorry for hi jack lol

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Guest Aqua-dapter

Although they're called a "backpack", and they come with straps, I wouldn't recommend putting a full one on your back, certainly not if you're going to climb ladders or steps etc.


Putting it on a sack truck is the way we have them set up.


The ones we stock at the moment are 16L. Depending on how fast you want to work you might get 3-4 small houses out of one, but working fast (higher flow rate) you're likely to use 8-11L per house.


I'd suggest that with a backpack (or smallish trolley) some means of easily controlling water usage is a must, i.e. Aqua-dapter or trigger.



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