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Pocket and Belt Set-Up


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So guys, for years I've used a Winspray belt, 2 Winspray pockets and an Unger Bucket.

I've always carried a 12" and 18" squeegee, and a 14" applicator.

I carry two normal scrims on my person, and one sill cloth, with a 4" squeegee and Unger sSwear word!er in the sill cloth pocket.


What are all your set ups?


I wonder cause my pockets are looking tatty and are tearing, and although the belt etc is comfy I was wondering what everyone else used and what they thought as I would like a change.


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my trad gear is very similar, except i just carry one blade, pockets have had it, belt almost cuts me in half. 2 scrims in one pocket, 1 wet 1 dry, rags for sills in the other. don't have a leather anymore.

would have long ago replaced the belt and pockets by now,but i only use it a few hours a week since going wfp, so no need

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we use unger belts and pouches, just the standard green ones. They have the main pouch area, and two pockets on the outside of each. In my left pouch I keep my dry cloths(I am left handed) and on the outside pockets I keep a small extension handle in one, and a notebook for doing quotes in the other. In my right pouch I keep my wet cloths, and in one of the outside pockets I keep a pair of shoe covers, and on the other my glass sSwear word!per. There is also a little loop that I keep a 4" squeegee hanging from.


I use unger bucket on a belt(standard) where I use a 14" applicator and a 12" angled head unger squeegee. The holster can carry two squeegees, so when I am doing shops I generally also carry a 12" 0 degree squeegee as well.


In my bucket I have usually got a couple of wedges and a 4" applicator.


Here is a few other things I also carry in the van in case we need them:-


10' trad pole

20' trad poles

Unger Clamp

Step ladder

Spare rubbers, shoes covers, applicator sleeves ect.

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i just have a plain old simple black belt and pockets but i need new belt as this one is pants lol,in my pockets i have a cloth for cills and frames and a sSwear word!er other pocket two cloths for detailing i use a pullex bucket on a belt with aplicater only 10in need a 14in one tho:$

and i use a 14 squegee could do with getting a 4in squegee for small windows.


in my van i carry 60l of water

some aldi washing up liquid great stuff for a quid!

carry a big pole


thats it.

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I use a green Unger Belt with... to my Right: Green Unger Bucket on a Belt (holds a spare blade, sSwear word!er, washer and squeegee) and a Unger Tec Pouch... to my left which holds Pen, Business-cards, Notepad (in small front pouch), Microfibre Cloths and Scrim (In other two bigger pouches) and a bottle of CIF in the bottom of the pouch... also have a small ruc-sack on my back which holds Wet cloths in a carrier bag and spare dry cloths and a spary bottle)... It all sounds like action man worded out on this forum. But. I feel like I have just about got it all in place without carrying too much!... Prob trip over now lol!!!

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Yeah! I gave it a go yesterday... I clean the majority of the cul-da-sac where I live. So I thought I'd start on my doorstep with the spray bottle trick. I found it worked really well. Especially round the back gardens as a few of them lock gates up. In the past I have leaned my ladders up against there fence and placed my bucket on my stand off so i can reach it from the other side. But. now I just get over the fence and pull my ladders over. I have used my local street as my pilot for trials etc and found the the spray bottle is a great solution and it will also now mean I will not have to carry lots of water about. I did 9 houses in my street yesterday after my PAYE job started at 2pm and finished the last window as it got dark at 4.30 which works out at just over 16 mins per house. this is a new personal best for me. Although, I got up for work this morning and I was walking round emptying bins as stiff as F@c>.... Today. I got home and did my neighbour (next door, but one) and my own house and just got my stuff prepared for tomorrow. Got two new houses tomorrow over the other side of town. My mrs. will drop me off in her car and come and pick me up when finished. It's another area where one of the customers is a friend. So. I hope to have a little canvass session up there soon. Would be nice to get 8 plus customers up there. then its worth my while. At the moment i am just plugging away at what ever and where ever around my home town... Proper knackered. But. I keep looking back on where I was in the summer and the improvement i have made. Infact, my workload is more now in the winter because of the growth of the round. When I started the first couple of months i had 20-40 customers. I now have 100. Just need to double it really... But. I keep hummmming and harrring over it all and can't sleep at ***ht. I wish i had more dosh in the bank - just in case it all went belly up!... Thank You (and Col) for suggesting the spray bottle. Such a simple idea. Not only that, I now tell my nan how her window cleaner clean's her window's without a bucket. Bit slow us suffolk people sometimes lol

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good stuff mate and no probs it works well dont it and it saves yer hands in cold weather from dunking in the water lol.


dont stress about money mate my advice to you would be whilst your in your current job put all the window money away if you can save it,live off your job money when time comes to jack you will have a stash and can build/fall back on it then.


if you have 100 houses it wont go belly up as long as you keep getting bit more here and there and keep doing what your doing.

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