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Now we are getting the frosts I have put the salt back in the van - if when I clean I think there is a risk of ice forming then I tend to do doors by hand, and where water drips on paths / patios I put a bit of salt down.


During the summer I put away a couple of lawn feed containers that are designed to be used as spreaders - they work really well, can lay salt easily - just where I want it, and not too much.


Last year when we had the snow I couldnt find rock salt anywhere so I went to the local cash & carry and bought a couple of 25kg bags of cooking salt - I know its not the best, but it works and its cheap. Still got one bag left.


How do you guys prepare?

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i just carry on, don't use salt but mean to, and there's a salt bin 10 secs away! but if it's below freezing i'm not likely to be out of bed never mind working.

i often wonder if any wfp'rs have been sued or threatened cos of someone going over?

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Guest badbusdriver

Three wfp winters in and no probs so far, but as i said earlier, i miss out the door if very cold, and like you say chip, much colder than 0, and i wouldnt be out either, brrr!. Though, oddly, i recieved a note along with payment from a slightly dottled old biddy i do, asking me not to do the windows if it is frosty because of the ice. But when i did her windows it was at least +5....?!.

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I currently work in the commercial insurance industry, and have done for the last 10 years, but I started my own window cleaning round last year.


As a tradesman you have a duty of care to your customers and anybody else potentially affected by your work. This means you should put salt down if there is a risk of run-off water turning into ice.


However, if you do not put enough salt down or you miss an area you immediately open yourself to liability for an accident.


Unfortunately it's a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation. My advice would be to salt as much as you can if there is a risk of ice and just hope someone doesn't slip.


If you have adequate Public Liability insurance then this cover will pick up any claims you have regardless of whether you put salt down or not.

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Jay has pretty much hit the nail on the head there.


Best bet is to whack as much of the stuff down, that way your covering as much of the risk as you can. Plus it shows initiative on your behalf and hopefully the customers will see you doing this.



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