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Raving about Ecover

Mark Henderson

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Lately I hear a lot of window cleaners raving about Ecover biological washing up liquid.


I put an order in (can't get it in shops easily here) and it arrived today.


Sad I know, but I can't wait till Tuesday to try it out on the round!


I've not tried it yet. Anyone here tried it?


I'm hoping that I can get away with even less detailing!

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Guest mistersqueegee

I was a faithful Glass Gleam user for years. I hated the rapid resoiling of dish soaps in general and after all the rave reviews Ecover was getting I decided to try it out. That was 2 months ago and I have a new soap! It has surpassed all my expectations and now I'll be trying it out in conjunction w/ my wfp work when the weather gets better here.

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I looked at fairy, but when you actually look at the cost of the stuff, even when buying in bulk it is very expensive, so I have always stuck with unger liquid, and just buy the big tubs of it, it cost £11.50 +vat for 5 litters. fairy works out at almost double that for 5 litters.

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I'm also an ecover convert.


Fantastic for traditional.


I have heard that some wfp users are putting a tiny bit in the RO water, and that it cleans even better without spotting - going to give this a try for first cleans.


Also - Ecover truckwash is awesome on conservatory roof cleans.



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I've used a few solutions - they all have their pros and cons.

Fairy degreases well and has great slip but the windows are left with the sticky residue that makes them dirty quicker. Plus tidying up the soap and detailing takes longer.

I use a wagtail whirlwind a lot and if there is too much soap foam builds up behind the applicator pad and it starts to leave streaks. (So you have to wipe the foam away)


GG3, GG4 are great solutions and leave little residue and long lasting shine. but where I live it works out pricey with shipping. The slip isn't that great and that slows me down. But the slow evaporation time and the time saved detailing compensates.


I was gifted a box of Unger Liquid. - That's what I've been using recently and its not bad actually. Decent slip and didn't freeze on me in the bucket even when -7 which I was surprised about. I seem to go through it quick though because its not a concentrated solution.


Hoping that Ecover will leave a shine like GG4, with little need for detailing and with good slip. We'll see.

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Will be first time with Ecover tomorrow!

Got me some white vinegar too.

Will try without vinegar first.


Anway, better get my head down, up at 5.30 tomorrow.






Looking forward to seeing your findings tomorrow!



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Just done my first day with hot water, and a tiny bit of ecover in each drum - fantastic.


Had a conservatory roof clean - saved 40 minutes of my usual time of 1 1/2 hours (it's big!)


Also had a first clean wit green algae on windows - straight off.


I'm loving it!

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Break for lunch....


So far so good. Less 'slimey' than your typical

Washing up liquid yet good slip for squeegee glide. I can see why it leaves less residue. Does leave a nice shine.

Haven't tried with vinegar yet.


Only trouble is if windows stay cleaner longer then customers might start wanting windows cleaned less frequently! Customer first ey..





Can see how

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