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Guest markyboy

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Guest markyboy

:@,,,,,Hi guys,,,im new to the window cleaning forum so im not sure how this all works,,i clean about 20 shops in a shopping mall,,,,a few of my shops have closed down due to the recesson,some new clients moved back into the shops,,,when i ask would they like ther windows cleaned they said they have a window cleaner,,,,this guy is the maintance man,,,he knows when new people r moving in the empty shops that i have cleaned for years so he gets in ther first,,,i know this might sound petty but at this rate i will have no shops left,,,,,to me this is very unprofessail,,,,this guy looks like a tramp uses the cheapest of products and does not give us professail guys a good image,,,i pay my taxes,,,public insurance,,,fmwc,,,What im looking for from some of you guys is a ways i can prevent this from happing,,,the smart way,,,,could i go to his boss etc,,, r would that just make matters worse for myslef,,,or could i challenge him legaly,,,,i have been cleaning windows for years,,,,im certenly not letting this blow in walk over me,maybe i should just shoot him ;)

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Firey start to your adventures in this forum mark, welcome!


From looking at what you have posted theres not much I can suggest really. His boss won't care what he does in his spare time and legally theres nothing you can do as this is the world of business. Unless he has broke a legally binding contract with you and your customer, which it looks like he hasn't as they are new shops, I'm afraid theres not much you can do apart from deal with it. Sadly I'm not sure what to suggest either to stop this from happening as he's the maintenance man so i'm sure hes very clued in to whats going in and out of the retail world. The only thing to do is chin up and keep working hard. Hopefully your professionalism will shine through in the long run.


I presume you have business cards, fliers maybe a nice smart work uniform for yourself? Get out there and get canvassing for these new shops!



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Guest markyboy

Hi James


Thanks for the reply

Yeah it was abit firey alrite,,,,well i do like to make an entrance,,,im from n.ireland james and have about 70 shops in total in the town wher i live that get done every week,,,,yip fully uniformed and all the best window cleaning stuff that money can buy,,,,it just sickens me the some guy just wakes up 1 morning and thinnks he is a window cleaner,,,it has took me a longtime to build up what i have and im sure as hell not letting the likes of that walk over me,,,,Rant over lol,,,,,just thought ther might have been a legal why to take this guy out,,,looks like its back to basics,,,

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Hi mark and welcome.


Sadley this is something we have to deal with on a daily basis. People watch you and think I can do that, next thing they are cleaning your shops or houses. I had a guy that under cut me on three new shops I quoted on the same day! I got a call from each shop saying sorry another cleaner is doing it for £3. Bear money cleaner. It is very annoying and frustrating and does not do our rep any good but you can bet they wont last long they never do. You just have to remeber in the end the good guy wins. He wont sustain a business undercutting or doing a shody job and down the line you can look back and laugh knowing your still going and he is not.

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