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You guys seen these?

Guest ClearVue Solutions

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Guest badbusdriver

Isnt that just a variation of an end cap?, not really a new idea surely?. I can't justify a carbon pole anyway so it doesnt affect me, but given the cost of them, i would have expected a carbon pole to already have some protection on the bottom?.

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on the bottom of the unger alloys it's a green plaggy fitting, and mine, on the section i keep as outside is down to the nib, the one on the next section poking through, so using alloy as end cap will last much longer, although if the closed length is quite short, not such a wearing issue, but won't crack if it takes a heavy knock.

are you part of the team what makes it clearview?

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Looks good - but I much prefer the Pure freedom ones that make sure the pole hose is never caught.


Would also worry about anything you knock with the pole - instant scratch/dent on a car, or worse.


Good idea, but I'll not be changing

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Guest badbusdriver

Good point Dave, i had another look at the pics, very sharp looking edges!. Its a constant worry if working round a customers car, though i usually try to keep my hand round the bottom of the pole in such circumstances so if the worst happens, my hand will hit the car 1st!.

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Guest ClearVue Solutions

oooo Ferrari....see if you can sneak some pics for us :-)


Do you guys all have the hose going up the inside of the pole??


Reason I ask is because i have been converted to having it run outside the pole all the time now for a few reasons.


1) The clinking of the hose inside the pole drove me mad!

2) If i wanna change brush head or pole...done in seconds

3) Hose not around your feet at all, so no trip hazard for you or anyone else as the hose is in your view all the time

4) the hose doesnt drag dirt or grit up the inside of the pole and into the clamps (ive got no scratches to my poles anymore from this)


This is all good but the only downside is it sometimes gets caught in the odd bush, but all you have to do is flick the hose n it wraps itself around the pole, one more wiggle and its free again.


All i can say is TRY IT (for a few days to get used to a new way of working)



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With my modular pole it is obviously on the outside, which is great for access over cars - can leave hose by the building, and only the pole has to reach over the car - very fast with some of my commercial cleans.


With my telescopic poles though, I love my aqua-dapter too much.

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Guest badbusdriver

I use a holster, and i dont think having outside pole hose would work very well in that circumstance. Also, it doesnt change the previous point brought up by dave regarding the sharp looking edge, indeed, if the hose isnt going inside the pole, there is even less excuse for havig such a sharp looking rim. If it is just a plug on the end of the pole, suely they could have rounded it off. But at the end of the day, i think a hard(ish) rubber device of some kind would be better for both protecting the pole and minimising the potential damage to customers cars etc.

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Guest ClearVue Solutions

Well, we can still supply a rubber end for the bottom section. But the PRO pole is designed for commercial work.


The Mini pole has both options. This one is designed for houses and being near cars as it has a very short closed length, ideal for those situations.


This is a Mini vid that I did quickly to show it off. and yes i am a young guy only 22 years old!!!


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Guest badbusdriver

Hmm, i'm not sure 1.8kg for a 22' carbon pole is all that light. A 25' brodex alloy hydra pole is 2.4kg and considerably cheaper at just £90. A 30' 6 section Elite carbon pole is 1.9kg and £280 from cleaning spot. I only use 2 poles, and 22' just isnt big enough for my tallest windows, where i can just about get away with a 34' pole. I certainly cant justify having an 'inbetween' pole aswell, at least not at that price!.

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I wouldn't even touch a Brodex pole personally I think they are terrible. But as Jeremy said in the video, you can easily put the extension on making it reach to 35ft (I think this was the height).


It is still pretty leight. The unique point is its ridiculously small for a pole set up, makes life alot easier in certain situations.



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