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Guest joellynx75

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Guest joellynx75

Hello everyone,

I worked for a friend who window cleaned in halifax. then I met my wife in Scotland, moved up, got given work slowly over several months from other very kind window cleaners, got new customers here and there.

came across this site when i was looking for a comparison between squeegee rubbers, i have only 2 left!!!

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Hi Joel, and Welcome.


As far as the rubbers go - if you are in scotland then I assume that it is cold - in which case I would consider going for the soft rubbers.


In essence Hard rubbers last longer but need a bit more pressure, Soft rubbers dont last as long - but can be nicer to use.


I used to use Pulex Hard - Using them in my 14" squeegee, then turn them, then downsize to 12, 8, and 6 - being tight I made them last for ages.


Now though - I use Ettore Soft - which are brilliant. I only use them once - dont turn them over, but change them when needed. Costs more but the speed increase of using nice rubbers far outweighs it.


With both rubbers I find that it always takes 1 house for them to "bed in".


Looking forward to seeing your posts.

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Guest joellynx75

appreciate your advice there, earlier i ordered some unger rubber 36" hard, I'll cut it into three 12" strips, I last had been using 36" pulex, didnt know if it was hard or soft.

Anyway, 1st time trying the unger hard, let u know how i get on with that.

Also ordered another unger sleeve microstrip for my 14" mop.


ps. do a lot of us use fairy liquid?

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i go middle ground with rubbers, unger 3star i think it's called, it's been a while since i got any, but it's the one that comes in 42 inch lengths. i find soft wear too fast and hard skid too much


Agreed, soft wear far too quickly and the hard do tend to slip & slide to quickly for my liking.



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U mean when canvassing? I would probably say 1 in 20. You can get 3 in a row, then get non for ages. Someone has worked out the exact figures somwhere, they may post more accurate info.


Welcome anyway.


P.s typing in CAPITALS is classed as shouting on a forum. Just a heads up! :-)

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I did 6 hours of canvassing on one Saturday and got 0 customers. I don't think thats a very good example but it gives you a realistic view on what its like out there.


However on other days I've had anything between 1 new customer and the most I've ever taken on was 37 new customers in one day :)



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Unger soft for me and yes I do the same. Turn em in my 12" then use it on my 10" turn again & use it in my 8". Wagtail hard in the summer. Seems to last for ages but hate the orange colour you occasioally get.

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