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Guest OoO

Led Lighting For Your Window Cleaning Van

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Guest OoO

Description of item:


White LED Under Door Lights.... Illuminates the area around the door when entering and exiting the vehicle... Each strip has 36 ultra bright long life LED's... 2 strips per pack... Each strip measures 60cm long and 1cm wide... Attaches to the underside of your door with strong 3M double sided tape.. Easy fit and suitable for most vehicles.. Made by Ring Automotive..


These are super bright and as you can see here, this is how they illuminate!!!!!!!




One is new and sealed, the other had the top cut off. I soon realised that two is EPIC brght and eight would be blinding lol!!!!!!!


They connect to a 12v supply (red and black)


Price: £15 each set or £25 for the pair. RRP is £29.99 each!!!!! (price includes postage and packing)




See Below



Post replies are turned off in this area, if you are interested in my item please contact me via PM (Private Message)



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Guest OoO


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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