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Please Help. WFP new starter!

Guest jimlaffo

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Guest jimlaffo

Hi lads, and lasses.

Currently searching/ researching what to buy. I own a car and won't be buying a van for a couple more years yet. So basically I have decided that a back pack system is probably the best route to go down.

I know nothing about what to buy, this is where I need help. I currently use trad methods but I'm looking to pick up more commercial work (where I would need wfp) and also in windy conditions etc I'm sure a wfp would be very useful.

So, what do I need??

A list of everything would be really appreciated. From pole, trolley, resin, filters, brush etc etc. I am clueless but I know this is the route I need to go down.

If anyone does take the time out to help, Thank you very much in advance.


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I'm always here to help a fellow windy called James :)


There are far too many options out there to describe everything to you James. The question you have to ask yourself is how you wan't to run your business?


1. How will you be making the pure water? Will it be at home? Will you be buying it in?

2. Where will your clients be? What sort of establishments will they be living in i.e. 2 storey houses, 3 storey houses etc? This will determine what pole you have to obtain.

3. Which pole & back pack etc will fit into your car?


List of Poles

Fairly cheap: Unger http://windowcleaningsupplies.net/prod_show.asp?prodid=626&ref=froogle

Bit more expensive: Brodex http://www.brodexbms.co.uk/shop/water_fed_poles.htm#1

Tad bit more expensive: Gardiner (I like them alot) http://www.gardinerpolesystems.co.uk/acatalog/Water-Fed_Poles.html

Going up: Ionic: http://www.ionicsystems.com/english/html/waterpoles.html


I could go on forever, but those are some alrite - excellent poles


I use the Merlin RO System which is an excellent filtering system, however it comes at a price, check it out anyway. You never know they come onto Ebay now and again and go for fairly cheap prices: http://www.osmotics.co.uk/products/Merlin-Reverse-Osmosis-System.html


Resin, I use Tulsion. You can get it off Ebay fairly cheaply so +1 for the bay! Plus if you buy alot you can get tasty discounts off them too.


Same again with brushes, This one is taking my fancy to be honest with you: http://www.gardinerpolesystems.co.uk/acatalog/info_BRUSH_SL_RADIUS_SILL.html


I'll stop for abit now, PM me if you wan't to chat, I can't get off this forum, I'm hooked.



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another james! hi. do you know what your water tds is, if over 100 you'll need an ro, if under, you may be ok just di.

if you are buying in a diy fashion, the most popular place for brushes and poles is gardiners. techbrush also highly rated for brushes. if you're working from a car, unless it's an estate, you'd have to go backpack, trolley would be to big and cumbersome, but you can pop it on a sackbarrow. i forget which backpack gets the best reviews, but i think wcw and john hewitt are rated well.

when you buy tulsion you want mixed bed115

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Guest ClearVue Solutions

Hey Jim, if you want a pole to fit in your car, ours will do the job for ya as it should fit in ya boot or on the back seats.. Clearvuesolutions.co.uk. And look under Mini. Anything else just ask :-)

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Guest jimlaffo

Cheers for your replies.

JP thanks for that detailed response mate!

1. Not sure on TDS, will have to find out so I am guessing that will determine whether I go for DI or RO.

2. I'm happy continuing with trad for my current customers (for now), but I will be targeting any size buisnesses to be honest. Just hoping I am lucky enough to land a few decent contracts.

3. I have a ford focus, boot is quite spacus, I'm sure it would just about do for now. I'll be getting a van in a couple of years.


Seems like both JP & chip recommend Gardiners for WFP, will have to look into that. What size would you recommend to start with?

How much do you reckon everything will cost?


So much to learn isnt there, bloody hell!

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Only probably you'll have is the limit of water you can carry in your car. Pole you can tie to the roof rack but a Gardiner clx 27 would fit inside,go to car wash and ask for some 25 l water containers these will fit in boot and foot wells of car,plastic garden hose reel to put 6mm hose on fit about 60 m on one and light. A back pack is probably the best route to go down and a little fold away trolley to save your back for carry water containers or back pack. Just keep asking questions and you'll get there in the end

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Guest jimlaffo

Cheers mate. How do you know what brush heads to buy (pencil, fan etc) Do you need more than one?

Didn't even realise I would need to buy hose etc, do most hoses and connectors fit all wfp equipment also?

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i use 2 brushes, a sill brush for everyday work & an old vikan for really dirty 1st cleans & conservatories trouble is every one you ask will prefer a different brush when you buy your backpack/pole they will give you different connecter options, i use hoselock on everything cos they're cheap ( b&q sell a cheaper type that i find even better than real hoselock) so if you need a new part its a trip to the nearest store & not waiting on delivery. you can get a 4" x 6ft length of downspout from b&q bungee it to your roofrack & carry your pole in that with another bungee holding it in, i got a van last month but last 4 years i used an astra estate with 8 25ltr cannisters

in the back ,

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Good vid Simon, very helpful.


Jimlaffo, its really up to you what equipment you wan't to use. There is no right or wrong answers. I use 2 brushes at the moment both Vikans, fitted with fan jets as I feel it gives the windows a better clean. But it's really up to you in that sense.



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