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Today I finished installing my Pure Freedom 450 RO with DI vessel in my garage.


Ran water for 3 hours with flush valve open.


Only leak was from screw in plug which hosepipe attaches to. More ptfe tape sorted that one.


Here comes the good news, after turning flush valve off, and running a few litres, PPM read 003.(normal tap water for me is 105 PPM)


Now to attach to DI vessel, and the bad news. I assumed that the rubber washer at top of vessel was enough to stop water leaks, fat chance, it ****** out.

So I layered up the thread with more tape, lots better, just a small drip, so I'm going to try more tape and hope that sorts it.


Can't help thinking the vessels could have a lot better seals to stop this problem??


Anyway I'm making 000PPM water, and have set the timer for filling my 500ltr holding tank.


I'll let you know how long it takes.



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Guest OoO

Have to say, never had a leak. I didnt think they even operated much pressure either tbh?

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Well since last report I've developed some more leaks.

Small droplets seeping out of all three membrane caps, where the 90 degree pipes insert into caps.


I'm sure before I connected to DI that I was getting more water pressure coming from the blue pipe, and less from red.

The instructions state it should be more pressure from red and less from blue.


I feel a phone call coming on in Pure Freedom's direction.


Is it possible that the pipes have been connected incorrectly giving me to much pressure, and creating these leaks?


I must mention that I am making 000 PPM water and my 500ltr tank should be full after 12-13 hours.


If I get these leaks sorted might do it in half the time :Image9:

Good to here your comments, thanks for the input so far.





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when i pack my resin in di vessel really tight it is hard to get screw lid on tight to make a seal so have experiencing some leaks too

notice that when resin settles it can be screwed down tighter thus preventing leaks

hope this helps

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