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Watertank And Equipment In 4X4

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At present I have a Renault Kangoo van. It does the job I want it to but it is going back to a local friend I was leasing it off.


I have been looking into other vans/cars but have came across a few Land Rover Discovery's and Mitsubishi Shogun's which I feel will do the job of a van but by also having the extra ground clearance it would help when as I have a lot of country houses to do where the tracks are a bit wrecked.


The tank I have is a 400 litre tank.


Has anyone used a 4wd as their work vehicle?


When loaded would the centre of gravity be too much for a 4wd so would be really wallowy and unstable?



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i have seen a few defender's used for this and seem to work-that would be more robust and the old farm tracks would be a doddle for one of these,try look for an ex army one as i beleive they are up rated a bit from the standard

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Guest OoO

Local cleaner uses a 4x4 it looks a bit dodgey tbh.


If you do buy one. Get a decent one.

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Think you would need very deep pockects to run and keep a 4x4 on the road.


Car tax is about £400 per year also most do about 25 miles per gallon on a good day.

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I run a Defender TDCI 110 LWB with a 400ltr tank.


If I didn't have a couple of young kids I'd have purchased the 110 utility, but I ended up with the station wagon, all things to all men.

I've managed to get all the gear in with out removing the 3rd row seats, which come in handy when I'm carting my daughters mates here there and everywhere.


The 110 suits me, and I didn't get stuck in the snow :Image9:


Chuck a few questions my way if you want any more info, and I'll try to answer them.



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