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Tried The Gardiner Sill Brush Today

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Ordered the superlite sill and superlite extreme, fitted the sill brush today and the 1st house It weren't for me. Then realised I had the gooseneck thingy set still for the extreme, altered it and I liked it. It's not quite as accurate as the extreme being bigger but I like the fact there's more bristles on the window, and now I can get the top sills......I wouldn't recommend the sill brush to someone starting, if I'd tried to use it only a couple months ago I wouldn't have liked at all.

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which ones did you use,


What? Before the sill and extreme......I used the gardiner superlite medium mixed, brilliant brush to get to grips with wfp, it just started looking second hand so ordered another but the black bristles are just a tad stiffer which Alex said its cause the bristles are shorter so that's the extreme.


Damo the only down fall I can find with the superlite is they probably don't last too long but for £20 I think they are excellent


I reckon tomorrow I'll try the extreme, getting a lot of bird **** as its egg season, the sill mullered the **** today so on my semi's I'll use the sill and on terrace's the extreme

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I swapped to Gardiners sill brush & love it, use it every day & have quite a few brushes not used because of it

Yeah I've got a mate who's says the same, infact I bought it because of him raving about it. I look forward to putting the hours in with it

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The sill brushes are excellent accuracy is user dependant, I use them most often, both dual trim and flat trim. I have an old one which just earnt me £100 for cleaning the walls of a house, took 1 whole hour.


Never tried the extreme yet as I imagine it's poor at cleaning sills.


I occasionally use a Vikan hedgehog brush for gutters.


I prefer light.

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I occasionally use a Vikan hedgehog brush for gutters.


I have one of these as Hotwash recommended it :Image13: I have found it very good on cony roofs when dirty! good quality but not the lightest
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I've just fitted a sill brush. The angle on the glass has to be right which I also had wrong to begin with. It appears that the bottom bristles don't do anything until you get to the cill and i found that difficult to adjust to. It works fine, but I still prefer the extreme and the superlite dual trim at the moment.


I will carry on with the sill brush until I 'bed it in.'

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They should change name of hedgehog to elephant, massive cleaning power with massive weight. They are brilliant but heavy. Maybe the guy who does all the cool diy videos making and adapting stuff could get his hands on one and modify it.

Or better still could Alex make a light one but similar or even Tecbuk do a light hedgehog style brush?

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My fav, Gardiners medium dual trim. Just feels connected to the window.


Tryed the Gardiners sill brush, not as connected, bounces over leaded more than the medium dual trim, just doesn't send a good message down the pole to my hands.

But yes, it can get to the sills.


And last, the extreme


It's light, but the brush collapses, because not enough bristles, and because of that me don't like.

Built in scraper, a good idea. Why don't they have that good idea on the rest of their brushes?



Medium dual trim is the winner for me, now how do I get to clean those top sills? :Image11:




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Stuck the extreme on today and yeah it's good but I ended up putting the sill back on, not struggling with accuracy anymore and love the amount of bristles. Also found that when rinsing because the angle it's adjusted to to get it to work right on the glass that the jets are actually point down more so its not as easy to get on the top part of the fame BUT..... So far it's doesn't like rinsing on the glass like the extreme so they have pros and cons but love them both

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