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Shop Front, What Would You Charge For This?


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I have not done any shop fronts & know a lot of them are done quite cheap by trad.

Been asked to quote for this on 2 weekly & monthly for sign, the doors are all glass too, I know its only small, but not sure.

I am thinking XL Bacon double cheese burger meal? lol

What would you charge?





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2 weekly? they'll be absolutely greased up.


I'd recommend weekly (maybe twice weekly), £10 weekly, £10 for sign once a month.


That's exactly what I was thinking price wise, glad you said that, I didn't think how greasy they would be! good point!
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Ubik or Virsol diluted would be good.


Same as masons.


But in all honesty if it was me, i would say to the manager i want £20's worth of food for each clean.



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Ubik or Virsol diluted would be good.


Same as masons.


But in all honesty if it was me, i would say to the manager i want £20's worth of food for each clean.




Good tip I have some Virsol for first cleans & manky conny roofs, what mix would dilute it for that? or just use it in hand spay gun?

Also would you just trad it or wfp outside?

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I did think Burger king was a national company tho?


I was asked to quote a maccy D's near me, went it at £45 a week 3 visits a week.


Last firm was £15.


Told them to shove it then!

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I got called in to quote my local Mac D's


Outside, inside 1st visit


outside & doors 2nd visit


outside & doors 3rd visit


3 visits a week at £45 per visit.


I worked out each time is about an hour maybe a bit more.


The last "national" firm was charging £15 an a visit.


Soooooooooooooo £45 a week! I wanted £45 a visit!


basically told the jumped up bleep to do one.


The last firm couldn't wait to get out of the contract, that's why they stopped coming!


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FYI i dont waste any time now with commercials.


Waste of time and money, unless you dedicate a van to just commercial.


residential is less stress and very very very VERY easy money!

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£15 is very cheap for a mcds, I charge more and yet mine are considered cheap for commercial. But it's regular work and money and it means I'm earning money before most windy's are awake. Then I start my residential for 8:00-8:30.

They pay monthly direct debits which is always nice.

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I do a KFC for £45.00,do it in an hour,the last window cleaner charged £30 and was poo.

As follow National firms,they always bungle and charge cheap so your right damo.

Worked for one for 18 months,good money,got head hunted but were so cheap on national chains they folded lol.

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Well When i said £45 to the manager, he said that fine, Thats what the other firm was charging.


He assumed £15 £15 £15!


Problem is some old boy was probably doing it on a bike. £15 an hour lovely jubbley

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I do mcdonalds in my town £250 per month three times a week the only good thing is as been mentioned its done early doors before you start your graft

i,m finding now some of the shops are going fortnightly

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just thought using stilts was a new trad window cleaning method myself. :Image13:

Wonder if it will catch on? :Image16:

Have thought of that a few times.. Would be good for high shop fronts like that
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