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Playstation 4 Or Xbox ?


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Neither lol. Wayyyyy too busy for games.


Used to be a hardcore gamer on Xbox 360


Most weeks I spent a good 40 hours. JeZzze lol


But I probably will buy the Xbox. :)

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Had a 360 and loved it but I LOVE MY PS3, but you'll be able to use pre-owned games without paying full whack on the ps4 and it's £80 cheaper to buy.


And I don't want microsoft running everything in my living room. I like some degree of privacy.



One day i will buy Xbox ONE but not straight away, I'll buy one after all the hacks make it more enjoyable.

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I need to treat myself, still only got a ps2 haha I used to be a mentalist for fifa, burnout and fight nights. Ive been looking at that DRM thing xbox are doing thats very naughty.

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Vic 20 was my first, then a zxspectrum 48k, commodore 64, amiga oh my god I am sounding ancient now.

Wacky waiters. What tripe, but loved it when I was younger.

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Is wacky waiters the one where you got to stop the beer bottles from hitting the floor and if you get a tip the can can girls start up cos that game was amazing. I liked a game called Nutter you was a little hitler character that head butted dropping bombs absolutely brilliant.


My first computer was the bbc and I was taught to write basic on it and Ill always remember going into school and making the computer screen just flash up my name is Mark in multi colours and the teachers where just like WTF

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Ps4 all the way for me .


Cheaper , no drm , no compulsory online check every 24 hrs , no used games block , free to play online ,

No microsoft spying on you 24/7 !!!!!

Microsoft can spy on you 24/7 should they wish to as the kinect sensor has to be plugged in at all times .

That means bill and his illuminati cronies watching 24/7 even more than they do now .not complacent with reading your emails nor data mining your mobile phone user info nor Facebook account etc etc they can now watch you scratching your ass and sniffing ya finger too .


Thats my view anyway .


Ps4 FTW !!!

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My lad wants the new Xbox and be ain't got Chance at the price they reckon its gonna be I just bought him a 300 quid limited edition one for Xmas. Ive heard too many bad things about it to be interested as well.

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