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Ladders Or No Ladders!


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Hi again,


I have posted on here before, asking for your advice and thoughts as I am currently in the process of getting into the Window Cleaning game and am at present doing my research and learning the trade through practice, practice and a little more practice but I have another question.


I have noticed that some of you Trad guys are no longer using ladders and are using a Trad pole instead for all of the high windows!


Do you guys NEVER use ladders anymore or are they still used on occasion?? I only ask because as you know, Ladders are a large part of the outlay when setting up and if you can do as good a job without them, then I would hate to waste money!! - I'm more than happy to buy some if its what is needed to do a good job, just wondered what you guys think!!


Many thanks



Also, if using ladders, do you use anything like the Rojak Ladder Stopper??


Thanks again!

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Hi Steve I'm new to it aswell part from a little bit I done over 20 year ago and all seems diff now lol anyways I asked same sort of thing and was told to do a good trad job u really need to go up a ladder. And as I come off a set a few year bk I'm not going to rush back up a set lol so in going for wfp or wagtail the tops and trad the bottoms.i think the wfp looks ok...but deep down to me a window cleaner should av a blade n mop in he's hand. But I guess it's better then the risk of a full n being out work for how ever long or even worst.

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Thanks for that Bernie, I was thinking along the same lines to be honest, wagtail the tops and trad the bottoms!!! - Guess as long as you do a good job and the customer is happy it doesn't really matter!!!

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Hi all

I am a traditional window cleaner but have started to use wfp tops and trad bottoms, i think all window cleaners should have a set of ladders, What if you need to clean some bird muck of the glass or gum or somet you cant get off with an applicator, Wfp or a scrapper you will look silly not being able to clean the windows, and they are essential for gutter work or uPVC cleaning, I would not use a wagtail contently for tops maybe the odd window and shop front that are to high.

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I see what your saying David but if you cant get it of with a scrapper what else u ment to use lol and a scrapper can be used with a pole.and if you do gutters can't you just use a gutter vac.? And frames and sills can be done from the ground first cleans may work out a bit more hard work n time but where there's a will theres a way lol but don't get me wrong ur prob right bout having ladders. But I think you can get away with doing the tops first clean with a wfp even if you have a bucket with some ecover to dip ya brush in it just for a scrub over. Then if custy wants trad on the tops next time you could use a wagtail.i don't no if right or wrong but is the way I'm planing anythink to stay of ladders hahaha

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With a scraper on a pole or on the upvc you will have to get up close and personal and if he was able to just get a gutter vac he wouldnt be asking if ladders are a need be I would personally get them, I do gutter, Fascia & soffit cleaning & uPVC cleaning and you need ladders for this, going back to original post i have a pair of ladder mats from screw fix, It levels the ladder and gives you grip another point I had tried using wagtail on a few of my customers and sometimes it did not do the job

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Thanks again David@aqua, your points do make a lot of sense, I think I will be investing in a set, I cannot afford, nor do I want to invest in WFP at the moment as Bernie and a lot of others suggest although I can see Bernies point as well!!

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I think people think stick a wagtail on a pole & bobs yer uncle away you go. It ain't as easy as it looks. I've been trying it now for on & off for 6 months & cannot get the hang of it. Dong run before you can walk.

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Only cleaning windows 3 months I have an unger trad.pole with visa versa on the end.Practicing when I can with it but it is hard to see if the finished window is streak free and cleaned properly.Need to buy 0deg squegee for windows above sloping roof as well this is on order from Wintecs, Just bought a set of Ramsey window cleaning ladders, when up close easy to check finish until Im good enough with pole I will be using these.

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Guest boarcity

i can use a trad pole +wagtail pretty well with 3 yrs practice but i still use the ladders for the most part. using a trad pole for more than 3 days on the trot can really hurt your shoulders .

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Guest boarcity

new ladders often come with a thin oil coating on them from the factory . i recommend you take an hour to wash it off with warm soapy water and a scrubbing brush. you dont want Any trace of it otherwise itll cause you to slip when on the ladder

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