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I've Seen Worse


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There you go Dodger






Not perfect but looks a lot cleaner than it did before.


Also don't ask about the brick on the roof as was just doing what I was told to clean under it and put it back on :Image13:

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Was one of the bad ones I seem to get more often now.


Got to go back tomorrow to do the inside that happens to be filthy too. Oh deep joy!


I should have been clearing and clearing the guttering. fascia and soffits of the house first but has a total of 22 house martin nests which most are in use so will have to go back at the end of September when they have buggered off. :Image13:

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Thanks Neil


Here are some after pics of the inside of that one too if anyone is interested.









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Here is a list of the basic kit I use for interior conservatory deep cleaning.

1. Tall enough step ladder - Abru 6 rung combi class 1 step ladder is tall enough to do most like that safely.

Another option is to erect a working platform but I find working from a ladder quicker and safe enough myself.

2. Vacuum cleaner - if required for large amount of dead bugs, cobwebs etc.

3. Bucket of hot water with ubik in it - change water when required.

4. Micro cloths - use one constantly rung out so just damp to wash over frames & dry with others

5. White none scratch pad/sponge pot scrubbers - helps to remove stubborn marks & bug poo on plastic.

6. Crevice hand brush - comes in very handy to get grime out of crevices, mouldings & corners when rapping a damp micro cloth around it.

7. Floor micro mops & clean spare micro heads - sometimes used to clean plastic roofs quickly from the ground.

8. Magic sponge

9. Upvc cream & solvent cleaner - only used when required.

10. Broom & dustpan & brush

11. Trad gear for glass

Hope this helps?



Nice mate, how do you clean the inside of the roof or what's the best way? Step ladders to rub the inside frames with cloth?


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I like to do a professional job and charge accordingly :Image13:


Jesus smurf that's a lot of gear lol, I tried pole with squeegee on end and mop but it kept running down my arm and all going in my face, not very professional. :/


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Dont worry about what other people charge it is totally irrelevant.


Take prices quoted with a pinch of salt. Seen people claim £400 this, £200 that, £1000 this. Then take a closer look at them. :Image4: :Image9:

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