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Getting Rid.

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When cutting your round down & getting rid of "****" customers for whatever reason what do you tell em or do you just not turn up which isn't very good as can give you a bad name.

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Guest OoO

If they deserve an explanation they get one.


The last one I dropped didn't get one.


Probably the rudest person I have EVER met.

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Sell it off? NO.


You need to tell these customers this:


To the bad payers...


I'll only clean them if you pay upfront.


To the rude ones...


The price is going up to (whatever makes it worth the hassle), if you don't want to pay that find another window cleaner.


To the ones not worth cleaning...


*same response as above*



You're a business and as such EVERYONE is a potential customer, and everyone can be a good customer, if the money or conditions are right.


No need to just drop people without first of all trying to make them worthwhile.

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Richard Hyde

if you want to drop someone have the pleasure of tellin them you wont be comin back,ie your a bad payer etc,,they obviously ****** ya off enuf to wanna drop them so av the last laugh and walk away proud,lol,

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