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Telescopic Ladders

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Has anyone ever used a telescopic ladder while window cleaning. I have just seen a Youngmans telescopic ladder and it strikes me that it could be useful for some of the more awkward ground floor windows, for example, the type that sit quite high from the ground and even with a footstool you cant reach the top of the window. I would never think of using one for first floor windows. Heres the link. There is a video too:




Or are they just a load of old ****?

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i got one of ebay about 2 years ago for £55, new,


more then happy with it, its really handy all i use it all the time to get on garage roofs and extentions when i need to,


even take my roof rack of van now most of the month as this is great to use, even cleaned second floor windows with it and im 15 stone....!


its a must have if u ask me,,,,,,,, but cheap ones just as good as any othere,

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Jonathan French

No way would I trust that thing, look at it bend!

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