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If you just going for commercial work you need patience. Its hard to come by well up here it is anyway.


As for courses depending on where you live im sure someone on here would show you the ropes.

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Thanks a lot bud.


Yea the thing I like the most is with wfp I can think of lots of things I could go for, billboards, greenhouses, solar panels.


I go to the gym now and again so I wouldn't say I'm unfit, but like I said I've no experience what so ever, I'm more a window licker than a window cleaner haha...


All jokes aside, technique will be a big key


Also figuring out what van I'm going to need and what unit is going to be tricky, but with the help from u guys how can I go wrong

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When I first started looking into it as a job I thought about and looked into the same things - training courses with British Window Cleaning Academy in Swindon, ridiculously expensive fitted systems. The more I read on here, however, the more I realised that it wasn't really necessary to do all that, at least when starting out anyway.


I went and did a days work with Mark on here, who's always happy to help people out. As mentioned above, I'm sure there would be someone on here locally to you who wouldn't mind taking you out for the day just getting some hands on practice, I found it really useful going to see Mark.


I decided in the end that it would be cheaper and more convenient for me to start out using a backpack system and purifying all my water at home and storing it in a 1000ltr static tank, which I guess a lot on here do anyway! I've literally spent months on here researching as much as I can, trying to decide what was best for me etc :Image7:


It's not overly complicated, it's just all about making the right decisions for you and maybe not necessarily spending thousands on a fitted van system. I went for a backpack as I decided that while starting out it would suit me better and do everything I needed it to, as a considerably cheaper cost. Well worth doing as much research as you can mate!


Also, if you wanted websites, flyers, logos etc, Dodger is your man :Image9: he designed everything for me and got everything spot on.


Hope that's of some help, there's plenty of considerably more experienced people on here who I'm sure can advise you better than I can!

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Thanks for the post bud.


It feels good to finally speak to someone about it. Alls I've done so far is think about it and looked at stuff online.


Hopefully I'll end up bumping into someone on here in the greater Manchester, (bolton, leigh) area that wouldn't mind showing me a few handy tips and tricks.

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Guest Catherine

Agree with tuffers, definately if you can spend a couple of days with somebody in the trade would do you a world of good. Experience what you might be up against, its very competitive. I would personally look at building a domestic round for bread and butter and then breach out, your main finacial income. Good luck matey, your young enough to do it, just dont jump in and think its easy. Good luck Andy, you will get loads of advice on here from seasoned people

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You may have to invest in an empty tube of pringles though. Refer to Masons

how about he invests in a full tube and shares em out Kate ah postage might be a bit much per Pringle so scrap that. Welcome to wcf mate.

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