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Advice On Buying A Van With System Built In.


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Hey all...


Been looking at a van online with a system already fitted.


Alls it says is


''1000ltr tank capacity two man operating system two wtf poles. 25ltr resin vessel''


The rest is about the van....


I live in a hard water area.


Does this mean IDE have to install a reverse osmosis device somehow?

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I understand that I need to get the tds reading to 000 for it to be usable as passable as pure water.


Just new to this, I've seen a ford transit wfp van on eBay for sale, just thinking of going for it hehe head first.


If I have to ill use my lads dirty nappies on the windows and keep doing it until I get the hang of it

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Yes u would need an ro.......


Or it will cost u a fortune in resin to get the water down to 000.


If your new to window cleaning or just new to pure water window cleaning I would read a for post on here as there's lots of advice on starting out.....


Also unless your budget is big I would look at buying a van and getting a diy system.


Thats unless this transit is cheap for what it is...

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This is what I thought


2002 transit £1500 max

1000litre Ibc tank £ 40 second hand .

1000 litrPump and controller £150 new.

2x 100 metre reels about £100 each new.

Leisure battery £75. New.

25litre di. Pass. £100 max new.


The work was only £300 a month so not alot.


At over 4 grand I dont think it was worth the money.

Get yourself a nice clean van. Get it sign written and build your own system. Most inportant thing is window cleaning is hard work to make a good living from when your starting out.

Its not easy getting GOOD work.

Theres plenty of help on here.

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A it would be over weight when filled (t280 has a payload of around 1150kg)

B an ibc filled up is HORRIBLE to drive around with

C WOW mega mileage

D expensive

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A it would be over weight when filled (t280 has a payload of around 1150kg)

B an ibc filled up is HORRIBLE to drive around with

C WOW mega mileage

D expensive

I was trying to be nice damo...lol

But well said.

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Be careful if you are buying a sytem already installed into a van, ive seen some right sights. if you are going to buy a second hand system then make sure you research into things first.


we had a phone call from a chap a couple of months back explaining he had purchased one of our systems installed by ourselves off ebay and it was leeking....


WELL......... he booked the van in to be looked at and i couldnt believe my eyes. the system was all plumbed up wrong. no ro membrane in the housing. the solanoid shut off valve was broke and best of all, the system was not even installed into the by us. someone had taken the system out of the van and used tec bolts to secure it into the floor of the new van.


by the end of it the system didnt work out alot cheaper.


saying that ive seen some absolute bargains over the years.


i may even have some pictures kicking around of this van. if so ile bang them up

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You don't need 000 to wfp with, my system is kicking out 009 right now and it doesnt leave any marks.. (that said, my tds meter could be off, and it could be lower.. or higher!)


No. U dont need 000 to clean windows, but you should care enough and earn enough to ensure you always do.

Why take chances?



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Thanks very much for all them comments.


After a long late night in the kitchen chain smoking and taking all your comments into consideration think I am going to buy a van and work from there with it.


I have to say I was looking at a 650 liter brodex system on there website, it was one I would need with the ro and di unit In.


Holy $**T they look elite, sprayed a nice red aswell and they look quite compact.


First of all, my van, now I no some people might have something to say about this, but I want a big van, not because I'm young and stupid, but because I feel as I want to go for commercial work, I want a big van, I feel it only feels right, plus I would need a big van anyway for extra room with the shopping as I'm going to be selling my personal car....lol


I like the transit vans, they are my favourite and I've done a insurance quote and it seems reasonable (pretty much what I'm paying now)


I think when I do get a van, I will want to get a system if not the brodex system professionally fitted, something as professional as this system and maybe cheaper haha, cheeky I no.


I no some people might say, build your own from scratch its cheaper. But I want it looking very professional, I want to only be doing commercial work, I won't be doing any sort of residential at all. I don't no it might just be me being a bit OCD but after seeing them systems and how nice they look, I want something like or similar to that.


Appreciate you guys taking the time to put your input in. It is really good of yous, so nice one lads!

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yes get a nice van, sign wrtten so your looking professinal, couple of tops with your company name on,,,,,,,


then you will look the part.


as for systems theres a few companys that will kit your van out for you. for some reason bordex isnt very liked on here,


if u can go for hot water system, you will need ro, most systems have 40./40 as there quicker then most ro systems.


cheack out pure freedon as there not to far from you

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Thanks a lot bud, hmmmm so these machines also heat the water up? Nice.


Anyone feel free to throw in suggestions on vans and systems to look for, needs reverse osmosis aswell as resin tanks.


Not guna get better advice off anyone else !


Thanks all

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Wow......u only want commercial work. Why not do both. Way i see it if you lose Residential job you won't even feel it just add a few more...but if you lose a commercial job that's going to hit the pocket and a lot harder to replace. Least if ur doing both and the commercial goes pair shape you got ya residential to fall back on an pay the bills.

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