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A Stupid Question To Start The Day!

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A customer called last night asking when i was coming next as he thought it was this week, told him its next week.


But that has just made me question myself that i got it right. I use george so im sure it is right.


Lets say you did a customer in week one of your round and they were on an 4 or 8 weekly

If four weekly, would they actually get done at the start of week five? and week 9 if on 8 weekly?


When i counted back it did seem to be the way it worked out.


Anyway, stupid question but doubting myself !!

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week 1


week 2


week 3


week 4


then back to week 1.


thats how i do it

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Cheers, that's what I thought and do. One of those moments you starting doubting yourself lol

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