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Annoying Banner


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Gav, that banner at the top is driving me insane. every time I read a thread I have to move it down. Its got to the point now that I have signed up to the other clean website.


I though I might as well say something instead of just leaving.

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I find that a little sad there is a great competition going on and it has only been up a couple of weeks and wont be up there for much longer enter and get in the sprit of it

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Its not really annoying at all!?


I agree with Mark, people of this forum wanted a comp because we hadn't had one in ages! And us Staff have arranged one for you guys to enter!


Enter and you can win some great prizes!

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I think if you are prepared to leave because of a banner, then your not a true wcfian... I dont think other forums offer competitions like this..


Get it back up Gav.. It's up to promote a competition that so much time, effort, and generous donations have gone into..


You lot don't deserve the competition..

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Its not just promoting the comp, its also advertising the sponsors who were kind enough to give prizes....People do make me laff.


Exactly Sharon, these suppliers never questioned my requests they just agreed and with more than I asked for on every single count.


I won't mamby pamby anyone, you want to leave because of that banner - guess what I'll pay the bus fare.

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Hey guys. It's not all of us?


Nope, it never bothered me....the one that keeps telling me there are two people spying on me however, that's caused me so much paranoyer, I've been neglecting my errr....let's just call them, 'my special sites'.
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Right guys and gals. This is the last and final post on this. This comp has been kindly put together by our mod team. They have worked hard getting suppliers to donate and set this all up. Many times we have been asked to put another comp on which we were reluctant as wanted to do something really good for ya all. Not just a little comp. We finally got it sorted for you all and I am not saying it is everyone but frankly I am a little embarrassed to say the least.


After all the work put in this comp has caused so much hassle and many complaining about it, we are not getting anything from this apart from being happy to help some fellow window cleaners. Reactions to this comp has pretty much sealed the closure of any future comps.


The banner is going back up and the comp will continue for now. Sadly though if we do not get much more interest or this results in more moaning then this will be closed.


Over and out!


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