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Help Please

Newbie cleaner

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Hi guys

Need some help please, I think I have over shot here I have actually canvassed /visited commercial premises etc and signed them up and locked them in but I need to find some poles 1 has to be a good un though, any ideas?


I have 38 business's locked in 6 monthly for 2 cleans inside and out bi-monthly starting start of July.

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Wasn't looking at what section we were in earlier. Posh is right Harris all the way for tradding on a pole its strong not to whippy and easily long enough for seo and floor any higher though I'd go wfp.

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What brand of tools are you using? Different poles come with different end fittings.


Also, make sure you get an angle adapter on whatever pole you get.

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Hi guys,

Thanks for your posts, I'm planning on using unger for me tools but the main thing is I wanted to canvas first me thinking I may have 2 or 3 take me up but when almost quarter of who I visited all wanted me there and then.


I really was blown away but now have to get me gear together, and now crapping it lol.


I have picked up a lot of shops and a couple of care homes bars etc


Kit I'm planning to use is unger and a wagtail, but tailing for the higher jobs and trad for what I can reach etc.


So is this about the speed of a new business then?

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I use to trad windy before many years ago I simply set a standard price for a house like 4 or 5 quid and then add to that what it would cost to do more base on time it takes to do a house.


Hope that helps ya out.

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Kit I'm planning to use is unger and a wagtail, but tailing for the higher jobs and trad for what I can reach etc.


So, either buy one of the Unger poles and an angle adapter, or if you are any good at DIY, you can get a Harris decorators pole from B&Q a lot cheaper, but you need to take out the end bit that come with it, and replace it with an Unger angle adapter and locking cone. There are various videos out there on how to do this, just have a look on YouTube.


The Harris pole goes to 5m, it that's not high enough for you, then you may want to have a look at the Unger Tele Plus Pole. It will go a bit higher, but you pay much more than a Harris pole for it.



There are a bunch of online window cleaning supplies stores if there is no suppliers near you, there is also eBay.


I 'think', but have no personal experience of this, that Wagtail squeegees will fit on Unger cones.

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unger pole is a bit bendy. I used a Harris pole for ages and can be converted to wfp easily. Angle adapter is a must and a clip like hairdresser users to hold scrim . Have a look on YouTube for wagga and he has a Facebook group as well really good tips

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That is something else I am contemplating a wagtail but there looks to be a few variations of it though, I want one that I can get an start work with it same day.

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