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What I Need To Make Sure I'm Covered?


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Hello all,


I'm still on the road to starting up! As your all prob well aware with some of the **** I post lol.


I've never worked for myself before, I'm just wondering, working in the commercial wfp biz, what sort of legal covers would I need?


Someone mentioned something about risk assessment ?...heard of it just no idea what it means I do lol.


I no Ide obviously need my company insured.


Would I just go to my local town center and register as self employed?


And is there anything else I've missed out.


And please elaborate because I'm like a little kid ill just keep post ''why?'' Or ''what's that?''


Thanks guys

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You can either start a proper company, and register it with companies house. A more complex process, because you have to do more paper work, and pay yourself a wage etc.


Easiest thing to do is just contact HMRC and tell them you want to declare yourself self employed. They will tell you exactly what you need to do, and give you a unique tax reference and all the relevant information.


Probably a good idea to get public liability insurance, to cover any damage you may cause, if you wanted you can get personal injury included in that, but probably not worth it for wfp.

Just type in business insurance in google, and have a look at what is on offer.


Risk assessments are usually needed for commercial work, if you are bidding for commercial work, most companies require you to provide a risk assessment along with your proposition. If you are only really doing residential work, then you don't need to worry about risk assessment. If commercial is going to be your bread and butter, then you need to know how to make a proper risk assessment, which if you route around online, i'm sure you will find a lot of information on.

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To register as self employed you need to tell the tax man that is it. Follow the link and all the info you need is there. http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/


If you need a risk assessment for a job all you need to do is go to the job and find out what risks will be involved with carrying out the work using what ever method you use ie trad or wfp.


A method statement comes after (how your going to carry out the work - from signing in at reception to leaving the premises

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Ahhhhhh, they sound more complicated than they are.


Thanks a lot bud you've just helped me out loads.


Think someone was trying to scare me a bit with all that. Thanks a lot bud

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Guest Catherine

I only just found this out recently, fully insured means damage not only to anybody or item in the are you are working on( I think) , but also damage to the building you are working on - best double check though

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Gleaming insurance (brokers for Hiscox) seems to cover that as standard Catherine.




About The Cover


The policies we offer are underwritten by Hiscox Insurance Company Ltd and have been specifically designed for businesses in the cleaning industry. The main covers that we offer are Public Liability Insurance and Employers Liability Insurance with the option to add cover for Machinery & Equipment Insurance, Hired or Owned Plant and cover for your business premises.


Public Liability Insurance The Cover

The policy will protect you if, as a result of your business, any party brings a claim against you (for which you are legally liable) for:

  1. bodily injury or property damage occurring during the period of insurance
  2. personal injury or denial of access committed during the period of insurance


Activities Covered


If you arrange Public Liability Insurance online via the GLEAMING INSURANCE website then your policy will cover all of these activities;


Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning including soft furnishings

Commercial Property Cleaning (interior and exterior) which includes;

shops, office, restaurants and other properties occupied by businesses

Conservatory Cleaning

Contract Cleaning

Domestic Property Cleaning (interior and exterior)

End of Tenancy Cleaning (interior and exterior)

Gutter Cleaning

Hard Floor Cleaning

Holiday Home Cleaning (including Caravans)

Kitchen Cleaning

Oven (domestic and catering only) & White Goods Cleaning

Pressure Washing to 248 bar (3,600 psi)

Solar Panel Cleaning

Window Cleaning including Soffits, Fascia and Frames

The maximum height for any of the work undertaken must not exceed 25 metres (82 feet).


Specialist Covers included


This policy provides specialist covers for the cleaning industry including;

  • Damage to Property Being Worked Upon - read more
  • Treatment Risks (for damage caused by cleaning solutions or chemicals)
  • Loss of Customer's Keys
  • Failure to Secure a Customer's Premises
  • Theft by your employees


For further details of the cover provided by Hiscox Insurance via ourselves please see the Public Liability Insurance Policy Wording


Employers Liability Insurance The Cover


If any employee brings a claim against you for bodily injury caused to them during the period of insurance arising out of their work for you within, or while working temporarily outside, the geographical limits, Hiscox Insurance will indemnify you against the sums you have to pay as compensation.


What is the definition of an employee?

For the purposes of this insurance the definition of an employee is;


Any person working for you in connection with your business who is:

  1. employed by you under a contract of service or apprenticeship;
  2. hired to or borrowed by you;
  3. self-employed and working on a labour only basis under your control or supervision;
  4. engaged by labour only sub contractors;
  5. a labour master or a person supplied by him;
  6. engaged under a work experience or training scheme;
  7. a voluntary helper.


For further details of the cover provided by Hiscox Insurance via ourselves please see the Employers Liability Insurance Policy Wording



Public Liability Insurance Quotes

For businesses that have no employees and don't use subcontractors. These can include sole traders, partnerships or Ltd companies that have only one director.







Public & Employers Liability Insurance Quotes

For businesses that do have employees and/or do use labour only subcontractors. When you have anyone work for you whether they be employed or self employed you legally need to provide Employers Liability Insurance.





If you are unsure which cover you need please read our Frequently Asked Questions section

To learn more about the cover provided by Public Liability Insurance or Employers Liability Insurance please see our About the Cover section







Whatever your area of expertise, we have a policy that is perfect for you













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Guest Catherine

How it came about is that I have been emailing block management companies, with a view to try and represent the chaps that I work for on a national level. But it would mean me becoming a middle man, getting my own liability insurance, and when I started looking into all that was what was mentioned with regard to being fully insured. Ill have a look at that, cheers Smurf

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Ok first about posting in the wrong article


Apologies for that. My bad I had a few bevvies.


Thanks for all the help everyone.


So after readi g everyone's posts, am I right in thinking, as long as I have insurance, I'm good to go?


Thanks a lot all, that's just simplified things right down



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Ok first about posting in the wrong article


Apologies for that. My bad I had a few bevvies.


Thanks for all the help everyone.


So after readi g everyone's posts, am I right in thinking, as long as I have insurance, I'm good to go?


Thanks a lot all, that's just simplified things right down



Add my two pence in gleaming insurance top men.broke a small pane of glass,bit of a pain ho ho !

They were helpful indeed but customer didn't worry as a chap she knew was a window fitter any way and it was a rotten frame.

The boys at gleaming were very helpful though as I phoned them up straight away and there were no issues.

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