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Price Changes On 350Gsm Card

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Just an announcement to inform everyone that I've had to make some changes to the prices for 350gsm. The formula I was using that generates the prices on the website as you pick different options has been updated because some of the prices it was giving when you chose 350gsm were actually less than what it costs me, so I was making a loss on them ... even more so when people used their 10% VIP discount!


There have been no changes to the 135gsm or 170gsm paper base prices.


Things like choosing double-sided or glossy finish are calculated as a percentage of the base price, that percentage hasn't changed but, obviously, because the base price of 350gsm has gone up, the costs of some added features on that paper have gone up accordingly.


I hope you understand why I've had to make these changes, and trust that I'm still doing everything I can to keep the costs as low as possible to continue to bring you the faster, cheaper and easier way to order quality flyers!

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