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Starting Out And As Green As They Come.!


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Name :Jim


Cleaning Method :WFP


Years cleaning :0


Area :Swindon Wiltshire


About me :Had to give up my main job installing tracking devices about over a year ago and wanted to start up myself in something new. Came up with Driveway cleaning, patio, decking, gutter, business and was ask a lot of times do I do windows, the answer was always NO not yet so thought I would pick my self up a Brenderup 400 L two man ro-di trailer system with 27ft hybrid (glass/carbon combination poles). which has only been used 8 time since bought, I should collect this Friday 04th. ((( I would like to apologize in advanced for any stupid question I may ask you guys and girls because I know there is a wealth of knowledge and experience in this forum ))).


Hope every one is having a good day.

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Hi Guys/Girls



Remember I said about me asking some stupid question well here is the first.



I picked up my trailer system today and it looks good, the guy said that the pure water in the tank has be in there for months and we tested it and it was 4 on the TDS meter. He also said the resin does not need changing it’s all fine. I got it home and started to run some water past the ro-di system from a holding tank pumped to the trailer then the waste water returns back to the holding tank and the pure water goes into the trailer tank. When I tested the water going into the trailer tank I can’t get it any lower than 4, I have been running the system for a while now, any thoughts on this guy’s.



Thank you in advance for your help





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Spotting/drip marks can also be down to dirt/old detergent suspended in the water droplets left to dry on the glass. So to be honest as you are just starting out I would advise you use only 000 ppm so you can rule out the water you use when spotting/drip marks become an issue. That way you can focus on your brushing & rinsing technique as it does take time to get the hang of wfp work especially on first cleans.


If the water in your trailer tank gets higher than 0ppm after the RO/10" di canister as it currently is (4ppm). I would suggest is instead of wasting it just get hold of a 11ltr di tank and stick it inline after the pump to bring it down to 0 again as you use it. Simples


Regarding water production RO's should be back flushed on a regular basis to prolong the life of the membrane/s so also to keep the ro outlet water as low as possible before it goes to a di. Depends on how much water is produced pre filters should be changed at least every 6 months. The small 10" DI canister fitted to that system you will find the resin will get exhausted very quickly as it can only holds a very small amount of resin. Also due to what is known as tds creep if you don't back flush the system first without the DI canister attached tds will creep up quicker than using a proper size DI tank so needs to be changed alot more frequently.


The trailer system looks nearly new so wondering did you get any instructions with it?

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