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Vauxhall Zafira Auto

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What are you two going on about lol.


If he is carrying 200L of water that is 200kg which in stone is..........32.


So whats the difference between carrying 4 passengers and the driver?


FYI payload is around the 500 - 650 kg.


so depending on how you design it.


Very possible

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Cheers for ur input guys. Was asking coz iv been looking at vans but they ever been to old to far to much or no tax n mot or some sort of probs.... but the car come up from family so I was thinking of taking it on. But really think I best hold out for the right van.

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I couldn't find the link. But a company called k systems on eBay has fitted out the vauxhall zaf with a system. I wouldn't buy his. But just saying its possible mate.


But yeah a van would be better really.

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It's not just about the capability of the Zafira in carrying the weight, its everything else that goes with it. Can it handle the poles, pump, all the little additional bits.


Plus, what will happen to the back of it if the tank springs a leak, or you knock a hose loose? Vans are designed to have electrics out of the way & have an easy clean rear load area. Not sure how a Zafira would handle 50 litres of water escaping into the back of it.

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hiya m8 i would just hold out and bye a van i have a fiat scudo 1.9d witch a 350l tank and it pulls fine 2000 reg but sign riten so looks very smart dispite the age thay can be picked up realy cheep

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Hi dose anyone know if a zafira would take a 350l tank. And would it be safe putting one in the back. Prob would only have 200l in it.

Please don't use k systems please don't,say no more.

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just my input go 4 a 1.9d not 2.0hdi or defo not 1.6 hdi 1.9 d slow but very relible an cheep to fix and cheeper to bye combo 1.7 dti isuzu engine also very gud bit more expensive to bye

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escort 55 vans r realy gud my m8 had one and snaped cam belt had it rebilt with in 2 days on his drive way dident cost very much at all to get bk on road he never skiped doin the belt again lol

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Mate of mine a few years back started wfp by putting an old loft water storage tank in a picasso (the black 250L tanks)

Once it was empty at the end of the day he could take it out and it was the family car.

Put the tank back in and Transfer the water in the morning and its ready to work with

Worked well, pump on a board (with hoselock connections on each side so he could take it out if needed and a reel with 50m of hose, and bobs your uncle.

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