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Iv bought a karcher k4 pressure washer and need to price forvfirst block paving job.they normally doit themselves in an hour with round disk tool but want me to do it now.they are having trouble with weeds so need to know whats best way to get rid of them? Will they be gone for good? If not how long generally before treatment is needed again.how much should i charge for applying weedkiller then pressure washing? I live in yorkshire so cant charge southern prices.just saying incase your down that way lol thanks

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With respect you will be wasting your time with that pee shooter to tackle a filthy, weed and moss infested block paving drive as would take you a year and a day trying to clean it properly.


That's why I get called out with the proper kit as most of my customers have a diy karcher or something similar like that and have given up trying or its packed up altogether.


Using the right pressure washer is a must on jobs like that like. I use a lincon 14 hp petrol pressure washer with a good pump running at 3600 psi, 15lpm flow rate and a turbo so will blast moss and weeds out no problem. That type of pressure washer I use will also clean block paved areas relatively quickly. Some even use better pumps but for now that one works fine for me.


By all means give your k4 pressure washer a go on that block paving job and let us know how you get on.


Good luck!

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Regarding weeds/moss no matter what you use to treat it you can't beat mother nature.


People pay thousands to have block paving laid then most never bother to maintain it on a regular basis. If they do they soon find out its more hassle than they thought it would be.



Pricing is down to you what you charge but should reflect how long the job takes.

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Hi smurf thanks for advice im guessing weed maintenance should be the correct term as opposed to weed killing...as regards the pressure washer i agree the one you have will be tons more efficient but im doing driveway decking etc as an addon and only just started offering it so that line of work will have to take off for me to justify buying a heavy duty washer- if it does though ill be buying top notch one.

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Put it this way I would not turn up with a diy electric washer even if I've just started out.


My first washer was only a semi industrial ryobi 7hp petrol (subaru engine) 3000 psi 8lpm I got from fleebay as new for £250 but it still looked the part.. Was a great little washer with a turbo on block paving and paid for itself on the first job I did. Was slow compaired to what I have now but I still have it as a backup should the other packup midway through a job.

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smurf is right , the washer you have dosent have the flow rate or power to get a deep clean that you want to impress your customer , also it will take all day with that washer , your not going to get the recommendations you need using it , maybe watch fleebay for the proper spec and if it dosent work out then sell it on

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smurf that's the washer I bought back in January, the buyer on ebay didn't turn up, I have put it on the for sale section on here.

No I moved it to the correct section ;)

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ive got one of them karcher k4 pressure washers there only good for cleaning cars and bikes no good for paving and there not cheap paid £200 for mine in a sale there £300 in b&q at the minute my petrol one cost me just over £250 i think it was its 2900psi or somewere near and 8lpm with a turbo nozzle and it pisses all over the karcher and its only a baby compared to smurfs definatley wouldnt use a karcher on a job just doesnt come up clean enough

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