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Quality Water Problem

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Hi Guys/Girls


Remember I said about me asking some stupid question well here is the first.


I picked up my trailer system today and it looks good, the guy said that the pure water in the tank has be in there for months and we tested it and it was 0.04ppm on the TDS meter. He also said the resin does not need changing it’s all fine. I got it home and started to run some water past the ro-di system from a holding tank pumped to the trailer then the waste water returns back to the holding tank and the pure water goes into the trailer tank. When I tested the water going into the trailer tank I can’t get it any lower than 0.04ppm, I have been running the system for a while now, any thoughts on getting this down to 0.00pm If resin needs changing got a good supplier.?


Thank you in advance for your help







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The first thing I would test was the efficiency of the r/o membranes. Just unplug the pure before it goes into the resin container and test it after say 10 minutes of processing. Comparing the output with the tap tds will give you it efficiency. ( example - 100ppm at tap and 2ppm after r/o will give the r/o efficiency as 98%.)


I see your setup includes two of those 10" resin containers. As they are quite small, you will have to change the resin more often. I would suggest you change the resin and the prefilters as a matter of course. If the membranes are the standard RoMan type, then I could be tempted to replace them with larger capacity 150GPD units if they are under performing.


We had a trailer setup to begin with, but found the best approach was the remove the r/o system and process water at home into a 1000 litre ibc tank and transfer to the trailer as required. This became necessary when my son joined us with his van. Although customer’s occasionally offer you the use of their taps, most think it will be a 'bucket' full. Processing water at a customer’s premises/home isn't feasible. The benefits of processing water into an IBC tank is that you can return to base and fill up during the day. The membranes that were supplied with the trailer were 75GPD membranes that slowly processed water into the trailer overnight. They were changed for 150GPD when we started to process water into the IBC tank.


Unfortunately, your tank in the trailer isn't very big, so you won't last the day with a 2 man operation IMHO. As has been noted by others; a very neat and lovely looking system using quality components.


What hose reels are they please?

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Hi Guys,


Morning Spruce, The test on the r/o membrane 264ppm at tap and 0.08 after r/o membrane then after going past d/I reading 0.04ppm into the tank.


The two hose reals have no id marks on them to determine what type they are sorry. The trailer is a Brenderup 1205s supplied by Veritech but there is no instruction or manual of any sort have been on internet trying to find them but no luck as of yet.


Where do you get you resin from?


I was wondering if one of you guys or girls would like to have a greenhorn follow you for a day as a unpaid helper to see how it should be done. As I only started wfp because I kept on getting ask for it. I am happy to travel ? I am based in Swindon.



Thanks for help



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i would try a biger di if its less than 6.8l get some new mb115 unger or tulsion, i cant c a di in the pic only what looked to b a softner di or am i just blind as a bat lol

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By the sounds of it you'll need to change your resin at some point soon, your after r.o reading sounds ok so you just need to get some resin to 'polish' off the water.

I recommend daqua (google them) dougs a very helpful bloke and does next day delivery.

I'm not that far from you so pm me if you ever need a hand buddy.

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004 is fine to clean with you know, it doesnt actually need to be 000. I have cleaned with 009 and I think 013 by accident once and had no complaints, but then I do rinse quite well generally and always scrub and rinse the frames (esp the top) before going back to scrub /rinse the glass

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