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I am becoming really despondent...I wash the windows and leave a note with bank and paypal details and my address for cheques. Yet still only 50% of the money gets paid in. Collection (which I dislike and is a time consuming waste) only manages to get another 10% of the income. When I collect I tend to get excuses.The windows were dirty!! You didn't come this week!!!! All of which is rubbish and just excuses not to pay the 2-3 months they owe. I would take them to court but is it really worth it?

Any ideas to get paid.

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To keep cleaning windows for customers that for some reason or another fail to pay on time and you let it run on over 2 months or more is asking for hassle so you need to decied to drop them or not sooner.


Also find out if you the bad payers are happy with the quality of your work as might be a good reasons why they are not satisfied and do not want to pay you. Do you have a policy in place that customers contact you within 24 hours if any windows are not up to standard?

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colecting is a pain but its gota b done i let them bild up 2 lots max and wont clean till thay pay i have never done on line banking all ways colect thursday an friday eve if there is a prob with any thing u can chat face 2 face had a complante a wile back turnd out to a dirt on inside of glass if it was over phone u cant check it ur self some people are shore its on out side till you show them lol.

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A good trick I use is ring them up all cheery, and just say this


" Oh hi Mrs ........... Its just Mark the window cleaner, Im due back next week and was just wondering.... did you want it done again ? "

She says (thinking you're an idiot and forgot she owes money) "Oh yessssssssssss please thats great thanks"

You say "O.K the reason I ask is there is still an outstanding payment, so if I text you the night before can you just leave the money under the mat and I'll crack on and do them for you?"

She says " Excuse Excuse yes no problem bye "


This is the best way round these people, I think.


Hope this helps

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some customers do try it on ive lost count how much cash i have had to right off over the last 6 years ive bin self employed one person i had rit off i saw a long time after in town i said hay u o me £14 for the window cleaning ive bin trying to get hold of u 4 ages she went bright red an payed me an asked can u start cleaning them again i said yea shore now thay pay straight away lol.

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None payers boil my blood..........


Ive been cleaning my round 15 years. Same customer lost some and gained some.

I dont collect.


I only have 2 days a week.


This year started doing more counsel work.


What a pain in the **** most of them are.


Not only do u have to be a window cleaner.


U have to be a debt collecter too.......


There all getting binned.......

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