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Fungicidal Wash

Window Cleaner

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i regularly use chloras , its brilliant on stubborn stains , dont let it next or near glass as it can permanently etch the glass and i believe a nightmare to get off , it can be got in your local farming suppliers or co op , ive never used it on a slate roof as id be afraid of it bleeching the slates , id recommend testing it in a discreet area before using on tiled roofs

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reason im asking is when i brought my fsc the man who sold it me was saying he was having problems with sealants so as a alternative he now uses fungicide wash he gave me the name but iv since forgot as this was a while back iv tried a few since but not much good, when iv previously used it i have done so according to the instructions on the link (diluted sprayed on area then washed off) but the guy i was speaking to said he cleans the area then sprays fungicide on and leaves it to dry he offers this every 6 months or so to keep in contact with customer which is what im looking into doing, do you no if its suitable for that application ?

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ive a few customers that i go to once twice a year and spray the area with the chloras and its good for 6 months , try it you wont be dissapointed , its great for killing the algae growth on concrete drives etc and patios

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when powerwashing always look out for shaded damp areas as these are prone to algae growth , i always spray these areas after powerwashing and it keeps it away long enough for the customer not to complain

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sound you just answered me next question lol, so just to confirm you use it as a pre-treatment then start the p wash then on area's prone to algae you use it as after treatment aswell, when used as a after treatment do you let it dry or leave it for a few minutes then rinse off?

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loncin 14hp 15ltr per min 200 bar got it from jetmac a while back it aint no honda but i must say i do like and it hasnt missed a beat so far so cant complain.

iv gave up with the fsc as it kept leaving rings so id have to go really slow which meant i was faster with the turbo nozzle, i think the turbo's a lot more thorough anyways me self

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yeah ive 2 loncins and find them very reliable , they say you need a minium of 20lpm to run a fsc but tbh i havent heard anyone recommend a fsc except for decking cleaning so il stick to the turbo nozzle

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FSC are no use unless you have 21lpm pump, I do have one and even then im happier using my turbo, some lads reduce the jets on there FSC but this is a quick way to knacker your pump.

I use chloras after I PW, I stopped pre treating any areas really apart from roughcast.

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